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86 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES Utility Grade Duct Tapes Features: All-purpose duct tape that is perfect for general maintenance applications such as wrapping and sealing, weatherproofing, binding and bundling. Conforms to irregular shapes. SKU Width Length Thickness Tensile Strength 761 87372 7.5 mil 17 lb/in 761 74977 2 in 60 yd 9 mil 19 lb/in Utility Grade PET/PE Duct Tapes Features: Polyester (PET) cloth / polyethylene (PE) film rubber pressure sensitive adhesive provides Conformable to irregular surfaces. Tensile Strength : 20 lb/in SKU 761 91411 Duct Tapes Features: Quality construction resists breakdown from heat and moisture. Cotton blend cloth backing for better laminating strength. Tears straight, edges do not curl. Silver-grey color blends well with duct work. Individually shrink wrapped for longer shelf life. Width : 2 in Length : 60 yd Thickness : 10 mil Tensile Strength : 20 lbs/in Type : Cloth SKU Color 434 44099 Silver Gray Poly Repair Tapes Features: Durable, moisture-resistant polyethylene tape. Bonds well to a variety of surfaces. Ideal for patching and repairs or bundling and wrapping applications. Width : 2 in Length : 36 yd Thickness : 9 mil Temp. Range : 150 F Adhesion to Steel : 75 oz/in SKU Series Color 761 5634 PE Clear Utility Grade Dacron Cloth/PE Film Duct Tapes Features: All purpose duct tape that is perfect for general maintenance applications such as wrapping & sealing, weather proofing, binding and bundling. AC20's aggressive natural rubber adhesive adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces and offers a broad temperature range. Additional colors and sizes available (11 color options for easy identification). Polyethylene (PE) coated cloth tape with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive for improved adhesion and shear properties. Designed to answer the end-use/consumer need for an economical, general purpose duct tape.. One hundred percent Dacron cloth/polyethylene (PE) film with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive combines to provide a quality utility product. Consistent tensile and even tear in both cross and machine direction. Excellent conformability to irregular surfaces.. Width : 0.99 in Length : 0.99 in Thickness : 8 mil Tensile Strength : 18 lb/in SKU 761 83689 ORSNASCO.COM

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