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838 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Welding Hose & Compressed Gas Fittings General Service Hoses Features: Versatile general purpose hose designed to handle air, mild chemicals, and water. The hose construction incorporates a tube compatible with light oil mists found in air tool lubricating systems. In addition, the multiple plies of textile reinforcement provide flexibility. The cover is resistant to abrasion, heat, and ozone. Pressure : 200 psi SKU Gas Type 907-7093-25200 Air Hose Repair Kits Features: Designed and outfitted to allow timely hose repair in the shop or in the field. Display card with the fitting numbers and the compartment location is on both the outside and inside of the case lid for added convenience in selecting and reordering. SKU Gas Type 331-CK-26SP Fuel Quick Connector Sets Features: Built-in automatic reset check valve prevents reverse flow of gases by cutting off the gases under back pressure. Before disconnection, gas must be shut off at regulators. Color codes provide speed and safety. QC-RHF-A has A-Connection. Connection Type : Male/Female Pressure : 29 psi; 145 psi SKU Gas Type 331-QC-HHPRSP Fuel Gases; Oxygen 331-QC-HTPRSP Fuel Gases; Oxygen 331-QC-RHPRSP Fuel Gases; Oxygen MLAY Lifting Magnets Features: Magswitch Technology, Superior hold force on Thin steel. Superior hold with Air Gaps, Compact, light weight, easy actuation. Pivoting Hook allows lift from horizontal to vertical. Pole Shoes - replaceable for long life, or make custom shoes match to target. Lock on/ off handle. Lifts Flat or Pipe. SKU Capacity Wt. Depth Width Height 474-8100360 1100 lb 5 in 8.9 in 6.7 in 474-8100484 667 lb 9.2 in 7.6 in 10.6 in Multi-Angle 400 Magvise Features: Doubles as a work holding angle featuring several common angles, and a quick connect/disconnect magvise for small parts fabrication. On/Off Magswitch Magnet that truly stays clean. Length : 2.925 in Width : 2.184 in SKU Capacity Wt. 474-8100438 400 lb Pivot Angle 200 Features: 200 lb grip magnets on each axis. Accommodates angles from 22 - 274 degree. Indicators in 5 degree increments. Length : 9.36 in Width : 3.549 in SKU Capacity Wt. 474-8100367 200 lb WELDING SUPPLIES ORSNASCO.COM

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