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817 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction TwecoLugs Crimp/Solder Lugs Features: Safe and simple. Crimp or solder power cable lug. SKU Connection Type Cable Cap. 358-9520-1104 Female Plug 6 - 2 358-9520-1105 Female Plug 2/0 - 1/0 WeldSkill Cable Connectors Features: A positive cam action locking design which optimizes interface between connector halves. Thermoplastic Elastomer covers having a V rating of 0. Heat- and oil-resistant covers. Furnished with zinc plated cover and ball-point screws. SKU Cable Cap. 358-9425-1225 3/0 - 1/0 Cable Covers Cable Covers with Snaps Features: Tabs secure the cover to the cable assembly. Sewn with Kevlar thread. Can also be used for extra protection on welding and cutting torches. Closure Type : Snap Temp Range : 400F Material : Leather Applications : TIG Resistance : Heat, Abrasion SKU Size Group Length 100-2038CC* Small 20 ft *Rebranded to Best Welds in the next 12 months Mechanical Cable Splicers Features: Made from a special brass extrusion. Large oval-point steel screws on each end of the splicers make it easy to splice cables in the shop or in the field. Tough glass filled nylon sleeve insulates the splicer. SKU Connection Type Cable Cap. 380-06010 Single Oval-Point Screw 6 - 1/0 Cable Connectors Features: Provides a positive cam action which optimizes interface between connector halves. Equipped with heat- and oil-resistant covers. SKU Connection Type Cable Cap. 358-9425-1400 Double Ball-Point 4/0 - 3/0 358-9425-1100 Single Ball-Point 4 - 1 358-9425-1200 Single Ball-Point 3/0 - 1/0 358-9425-1210 Single Ball-Point 3/0 - 1/0 358-9425-1220 Single Ball-Point 3/0 - 1/0 Terminal Connectors Features: Helps improve cutting performance. OEM quality. SKU Connection Type 358-9510-1110 Female Terminal Connector WELDING SUPPLIES 1.800.678.6577

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