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814 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Spat-R-Pruf Compound 106 Features: Formulated for ferrous metals and is rated the most efficient by an independent testing laboratory. It provides a tenacious coating that can be dipped, sprayed, or brushed and will help inhibit oxidation. No further application of compound 106 is necessary, it can be removed with denatured alcohol. Works great for protecting jigs, fixtures, clamps, and work surfaces from spatter. Chemical Compound : Ammonium Resinate Physical Form : Liquid Type : Anti-Spatter Color : Yellow Applications : Clamps; Fixtures; Work Surfaces SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 390-106-1 1 gal Bottle Spat-R-Pruf Compound 107A Features: No Methylene Chloride, non-toxic, silicon free. Spatter protection for nozzles and work surfaces. Bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Chemical Compound : Liquefied Petroleum Gas;Oleic Acid;White Mineral Oil Physical Form : Liquid Type : Anti-Spatter Color : Clear Water-White to Yellow Applications : Welding Processes SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 390-107A 11 oz Aerosol Can Cable Connectors & Lugs Dinse Euro Connecters Features: Simple and safe. Just plug-in and tighten by a short, strong turn for a positive stop lock action and maximum conductivity. SKU Connection Type Cable Cap. New SKU # 100-SK95-B* Male Half 3/0 - 2/0 900-SK95 *Rebranded to Best Welds in the next 12 months Weld-Kleen Heavy Duty Anti-Spatters Features: Solvent-based, paintable, and non-flammable. Protects fixtures, parts, and clamps. Smoke- and odor-free. Chemical Compound : Methylene Chloride; Oleic Acid Physical Form : Liquid Type : Anti-Spatter Color : Clear Applications : Welding SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 388-007030 20 oz Aerosol Can Nozzle Gel Spat-R-Pruf Compound 101 Features: Outperforms petroleum based nozzle dips 10 to 1. Just dip cold torch before welding and you'll have instant protection. Compound 101 is not a petroleum product and will not smoke, drip, catch on fire, plug the liner or gas diffuser. Can also be used for fusion welding, robotic cleaning stations, plasma cutter tips and cups, jigs, fixtures, clamps, tools and work surfaces. Pourable, pintable and water soluble. Physical Form : Gel Type : Anti-Spatter Color : Gold Applications : Clamps; Fixtures; Fusion Welding; Jigs;Nozzles; Plasma Cutter Tips/Cups; Robotic Cleaning Stations; Tools; Work Surfaces SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 390-101 16 oz Jar WELDING SUPPLIES ORSNASCO.COM

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