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803 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction SOLDERING & BRAZING Soldering/Brazing Kits Self-Igniting Torch Kits Features: Self-Igniting. Trigger start for ease of lighting. Stainless steel burn tube and brass tip for durability. Adjustable flame control. Gas Type : Propane Includes : 16.92 oz. Propane Cylinder; TS3000T Torch Head with Piezo Ignitor SKU Process 189-TS3000KC Soldering; Heating Soldering/Brazing Torches Basic Propane Torches Features: Stainless steel burn tube and brass tip for durability. Adjustable flame control. Process : Soldering; Heating SKU Gas Type Body Material 189-TS3000T Propane ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) Multi-Application MAPP Torches Features: 4' Hose for accessibility. Pressure regulated to operate in all directions. Burner wand has a swirl flame burntip for optimum heat output. Process : Brazing; Soldering; Sweating; Melting; Heating SKU Gas Type Body Material 189-TS4000T MAPP (Methyl Acetylene-Propadiene) Cast Aluminum 189-TS7000T MAPP (Methyl Acetylene-Propadiene) Cast Aluminum Trigger Start Micro Torches Features: Micro flame butane torch for light, detailed work. Trigger start for ease of use. Refillable for convenience. Process : Soldering Includes : Electrical Soldering Tip SKU Gas Type 189-ST2200T Butane Plasma Torches SL100 Plasma Torches Features: Integrated ergonomic torch handle. Contains new phenolic position tube. Extended or protected consumable parts and lower consumable parts inventoried and costs. Precision Engineered Torch Consumable Parts. Improved Leads. ATC (Advanced Torch Connector) quick disconnect option and ATC lead extensions. SKU 365-7-5208 STK-99 Torch Swirls Features: Self lighting. Consistent target temperatures. Instantaneous working temperatures. Extreme Swirl Technology (burns hotter and cleaner). Applications : High capacity applications Includes : STK-R Pressure Regulator with CGA-600 Connector;ST-33 Self Lighting Tips;Instruction Manual SKU Type Gas Type 341-0386-0851 STK-99 MAPP ; Propane TX504 Torch Swirls Features: Convenient self-lighting triggers. Quick disconnect couplings between handle and tips. Applications : High capacity applications SKU Type Gas Type 341-0386-1293 TX-504 MAPP ; Propane Torches and Leads Features: Precision engineered. ATC (Advanced Torch Connector) with quick disconnect option. SKU 365-7-5204 WELDING SUPPLIES 1.800.678.6577

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