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799 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Centerfire Nozzles Features: Nozzles have built-in spatter shield that smoothes and concentrates gas flow. Nozzles allow fixed contact tip positioning at flush, 1/8" and 1/4" recess and 1/8" extension for consistent welds. Use Centerfire Contact Tips that are non-threaded and stay in place by hand-tightening the nozzle. They change over without tools for quick, easy replacement after burn back. SKU Nozzle Style Bore Size Used With 360-N-5814C 1/4 in Tip Recess 15 88 mm Q-Gun 360-NS-1218C 1/8 in Recess 1/2 in G-Gun 360-NST-3818B 1/8 in Tip Recess 3/8 in BTB and Clean Air Fume Extraction MIG Guns 360-NS-5818B 1/8 in Tip Recess 5/8 in Standard Air Cooled Bernard Guns 360-N-5818C 1/8 in Tip Recess 5/8 in Q-Gun 360-NS-1218B 1/8 in Tip Recess 12 70 mm Q-Gun 360-N-5818B 1/8 in Tip Recess 15 88 mm Q-Gun 360-NS-5818C Heavy Duty 5/8 in Q-Gun 360-NT-3800C Tapered; MiniFlush 3/8 in Large Centerfire Diffuser Mig Nozzles Features: Easy to use and high performing. Provide better arc starts, less spatter and more consistent welds. SKU Nozzle Style Bore Size Material Used With 360-4392 Tapered 1/2 in Brass Bernard Q-Gun , Bernard S-Gun 360-4394 Tapered 1/2 in Copper Bernard Q-Gun , Bernard S-Gun 360-4393 1500 Series 0.625 in Copper 4523R 360-N-5800C Flush 0.625 in Copper Q-Gun Series MIG Guns 360-N2C12HQ Tapered 1/2 in Copper Plated Quik Tip Series 2 Contact Tip Nozzle Assemblies Features: Features a removable nozzle cone that lowers downtime and consumable costs. Contains an increased wall thickness and insulating material to reduce the number of changeovers caused by heat degradation. Used With : Tweco Spraymaster 250 MIG guns SKU Nozzle Style Bore Size 360-N1C58HQ Threaded 5/8 in Quik Tip Nozzles Features: Available in threaded and slip-on styles with a variety of orifice diameters for optimal shielding gas coverage. Use Quik Tip Contact Tips that are designed with a threaded taper lock that increases contact tip life by providing excellent heat transfer and electrical conductivity. A quick twist is all it takes to install Quik Tip Contact Tips. In case of burn nack, another quick twist will get you back on the job in moments. Used With : Mig Guns SKU 360-N1C58Q Mig Liners Features: Industry part number easily recognizable. Meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance. SKU Type Length Wire Size 900-44-3545-15 Wire Conduit 15 ft 0.045 in 900-44215 Wire Conduit 15 ft 0.062 in Wire Conduits Features: For all guns (Eliminator , Traditional and Spray Master styles). Tweco Universal Conduit liner is ready to use right out of the box. Each conduit liner wire has a crimped wire guide that is universal common to all brands of MIG guns. Wire Size : 0.035 in Wire Size : 0.045 in SKU Type Length 358-1440-1103 Wire Guide 15 ft Nozzle Kleener Tools Features: Engineered to remove spatter without scarring nozzle, tip or gas diffuser areas, without disassembly. Ground and hardened to 55rc. SKU Size Group 388-007004 5/8 in Nozzle; 3/8 in Tip 388-007003 5/8 in Nozzle; 5/16 in Tip WELDING SUPPLIES 1.800.678.6577

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