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763 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MRO Plus Sorbents Features: Is highly effective for cleanup and removal of oil and water-based liquids. A gray dimpled material combining thickness, strength and high absorbency, low-linting. Perforations contribute to economy by allowing the user to take precisely the right amount of material to do the job. The dirt masking gray color fosters longer use before disposal. SKU Length Width Packing Type Absorbtion Quantity 655-MRO315P 18 1/2 in 18 1/2 in Bale 2 gal 1 per case 655-MRO300 19 in 15 in Case 20 5 gal 100 per case 655-MRO15-P 150 ft 15 in Roll 24 gal 1 per case 655-MRO100 19 1/2 in 15 1/2 in Bale 26 gal 100 per case 655-MRO350-DP 150 ft 30 in Roll 38 gal 1 per case 655-MRO30P 50 ft 17 1/4 in Roll 49 gal 1 per case 655-MRO30-DP 150 ft 30 in Roll 49 gal 1 per case Oil Plus Sorbents Features: Dimpled material notable for its low linting, thickness and strength. It is equally effective in absorbing oil and petroleum fluids will not pick up water or water-based liquids. Full-size, heavyweight product. Packing Type : Case Absorbtion : 26 gal SKU Length Width 655-OP100 19 in 15 in Oil Sorbents Features: Designed to contain and control petroleum based fluids. They will not deteriorate, disintegrate, or sink. Extruded from polypropylene. Packing Type : Bale SKU Length Width Absorbtion 655-SPC500 19 in 15 in 16 gal 655-SPC300 19 in 15 in 24 gal 655-SPC100 19 in 15 in 31 gal Env Oil Sorbents-Contractor Grade Features: Ideal for environmental applications. Made of the best available basic meltblown polypropylene. ENV Oil Sorbents are packed in distinctive green bags and are the obvious choice when you need low cost plus high performance. Economy, heavyweight. For use with oil and petroleum based fluids. Packing Type : Bale SKU Length Width Absorbtion Quantity 655-ENV300 19 in 15 in 24 gal 100 per bale 655-ENV100 19 in 15 in 28.5 gal 100 per bale 655-ENV510 10 ft 5 in 32 gal 4 per bale 655-ENV200 19 in 15 in 32 gal 200 per bale 655-ENV150 144 ft 30 in 54 gal 1 per bale 655-ENV810 10 ft 8 in 65 gal 4 per bale GP Sorbents Features: General purpose maintenance pads can be used to clean up virtually and liquid. Constructed of high quality dimpled universal polypropylene. Gray in color to help hide the dirt. Full size pad, heavy weight. Economy weight. Packing Type : Bale SKU Length Width Absorbtion Quantity 655-GP100 19 in 15 in 25 gal 100 per bale 655-GP200 19 in 15 in 27.5 gal 200 per bale High Traffic Sorbents Features: Built for durability and high absorbency. This universal sorbent is tough enough for even your forklift traffic. Packing Type : Roll SKU Length Width Absorbtion Quantity 655-HT350 150 ft 30 in 32 gal 1 per bale 655-HT303 19 in 19 in 63 gal 1 per bale SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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