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741 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Advantage 1000 Facepieces Features: Wraparound flexible lens that offers excellent fit and comfort with increased vision. Weighs 40% less than conventional full-face piece respirators. Constructed of super-soft Hycar rubber that provides the feel and comfort of silicone but has a better permeation resistance. Unique inturned lip seal that provides exceptional seal against a wide range of face contours. Distinctive, flexible urethane lens that is integrally bonded to the facepiece, eliminating the need for rigid lens retainers that can cause unwanted pressure points. Speaking diaphragm for clear, short range communication. Nosecup reduces lens fogging in low temperatures or high-humidity conditions. Test & Approvals : Facepiece is NIOSH-Approved to 42 CFR; Part 84 when used with MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridges Body Material : Hycar Rubber SKU Protected Area Size Group 454-805408 Full Facepiece Medium 454-805420 Full Facepiece Large Advantage 200 LS Facepieces Features: Lightweight, cost-efficient facepieces provide protection without the added price. Thermoplastic rubber increases softness and decreases weight for added comfort. Multiflex system equalizes facial pressure. AnthroCurve conforms to each user's unique facial characteristics for a perfect fit. Test & Approvals : Facepiece is NIOSH-Approved to 42 CFR; Part 84 when used with MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridges Body Material : Thermoplastic Rubber SKU Protected Area Size Group Resistance 454-815444 Half Facepiece Medium - 454-815692 Half Facepiece Medium Particles; Gases 454-815452 Half Facepiece Large - 454-815700 Half Facepiece Large Particles; Gases Advantage 3200 Full-Facepiece Respirator Features: Full face respirator features state-of-the-art design to lower breathing resistance. Preset upper straps make the mask easy to put on/take off. Scratch-resistant wraparound faceplate allows for wide field of vision. Test & Approvals : ANSI-Z87.1 2003 SKU Protected Area Size Group Body Material Resistance 454-10028995 Full Facepiece Medium Silicone Particles; Gases 454-10031309 Full Facepiece Medium Silicone Particles; Gases 454-10028997 Full Facepiece Large Silicone Particles; Gases Aura Particulate Respirator Features: Three-panel design provides high quality, reliable respiratory protection. Embossed top panel is designed to direct exhaled air away from the nose panel, helping reduce eyewear fogging. Comfortable braided headbands help keep respirator securely in place and minimize pulling of hair. Sculpted nose panel conforms well to nose and eye contours, allowing more room for eyewear. Body Material : Polypropylene Resistance : Particles; Non-Volatile Liquids SKU Protected Area Size Group 142-9210+ Half Facepiece Regular 142-9211+ Half Facepiece Regular Rugged Comfort Quic-Latch Half-Facepiece Reusable Respirators Features: Resilient silicone faceseal provides a soft but firm seal. Quick Latch mechanism makes it easy to drop down the respirator from face without removing head straps. Proprietary 3M Cool Flow valve helps reduce heat and moisture to make breathing easier. Low profile half facepiece design offers a wide field of view and compatibility with welding and grinding shields. Exhalation valve cover directs exhaled breath and moisture downward to reduce fogging of face shields. Body Material : Silicone/Nylon Includes : One mask SKU Protected Area Size Group Resistance 142-6502QL Nose; Mouth Medium Gases and vapors 142-6503QL Nose; Mouth Large Gases and vapors Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Respirators Features: Provides a wide field of view. Paint and stain-resistant lens, 3M's exclusive Scotchgard coating causes some liquids to bead up on the surface so they can be wiped off easily. Bonded silicone gaskets, eliminates loose gaskets that can be lost. Easy to use respirator attachments twist on and off easily. Low profile bayonet design. Soft, silicone nose cup and faceseal. Patented 3M Cool Flow exhalation valve. Body Material : Silicone SKU Size Group Resistance 142-FF-402 Medium Chemical; Particulates; Contaminates; Dust; Moisture 142-FF-403 Large Particulates; Chemical; Contaminants; Dust; Moisture SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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