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726 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout Features: Can be used with most major multi-pole breakers that use a tie bar. Constructed from glass-filled nylon. Easy to use. Compatible with most major manufacturers. Width : - 3/4 in No. of Padlocks : 1 Used With : Multi-Pole Breakers with Tie Bar SKU Type Length 262-66320 Circuit-Breaker 1 in Butterfly Valve Lockouts Features: Easy-to-use lockout device effectively prevents accidental activation. Lightweight thermoplastic material will hold up in extreme environments. Adjustable design ensures fit to any butterfly valve. Includes : S806CBL3 Cable SKU Type 470-S3921 Butterfly Valve Lockout Device Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockouts Features: Grips tight with simple thumb turn and clamping handle. Accept all American Lock and Master Lock safety padlock shackles and lockout hasp diameters. Durable construction with powder coated steel and reinforced polymer allows operation in harsh environments. Used With : Electrical Lockout SKU Type 470-493B Circuit Breaker Lockout Lockouts & Hasps Breaker Lockouts Features: Circuit breaker lockouts work on a wide range of breakers that include single- and multi-pole breaker configurations. Snap-on and clamp-on breaker lockout options accommodate almost any situation. SKU Type No. of Padlocks Includes Used With 262-65966 Circuit Breaker Lockout (Clamp- on) 6 Cleats; Lockouts Lockout Shackles up to 9/32 in (dia) 262-65965 Circuit Breaker Lockout Not included Six thumbscrew lockouts with pull over lock covers 120/277 V Breakers Lock Boxes Features: Accepts up to 13 individual locks. Simplifies lockout of large equipment. Ensures that no one employee has access to the box unless ALL employees have removed their locks or tags. Length : 11 in Height : 8 in SKU Width 262-65699 4 1/2 in Prinzing Economy Lockout Kits Features: Convenient economy lockout kit provides 9 components to ensure equipment is either de-energized or locked out. The padlocks included in this kit are keyed differently (each lock has its own unique key). The kit includes a rugged polyethylene carrying case. Test & Approvals : OSHA Regulation 1910.47 Width : - 8.4 in No. of Padlocks : 3 Includes : 3-1 1/2" Steel Lockout Hasps (T220); 3-Blue Prinzing Padlocks (LC041-BU); 14-2 Padlock Identifier Stickers (LID-2); 1-10 Pack Lockout Tags With Ties (LT-10); 3-Single Pole Breaker Lockouts (BL01); 2-Multi-Pole Breaker Lockouts (BL03); 1-Large Plug Lockout (PLO23-BI); 1-Lockout Training Booklet (2112X); 1-Rugged Polyethylene Carrying Case (7"H x 12"W x 5"D) Used With : Single/Multi-Pole Breakers; Electrical Plugs Depicted Text : Danger Color : Black/Red/White/Yellow SKU Type Length 262-LKX Lockout Tagout Kit 6 1/2 in SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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