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724 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Cloth Sweatbands Features: Convenient cloth headbands are great for absorbing moisture and keeping your head dry. Designed to add padding and comfort to the forehead area. Used With : SC-6 & SC-16 Hard Hats SKU Color Material 138-14958 Black Terry Cloth Custom Terri-Band Sweatbands Features: Sturdy sweatbands are washable for repeated use. Works to protect eyes and face from sweat and drips. Easily snaps into all MSA industrial helmets. Used With : All MSA Helmets Strap Type : Clip-On SKU Color Material 454-696688 Gray Cotton Terry Sweat Bands Features: Prevents perspiration from getting into eyes. Effective when dampened with cold water. Washable. Used With : Hardhats/Bumb Caps SKU Color Material 068-SB470 Blue Terry Cloth Comfort Enhancing Sweatbands Features: Welding helmet sweat bands. Circulating air evaporates sweatband moisture for cooling effect. SKU Used With Type Color Material 280-FM67 Welding and Faceshield Headgear Soft Grain Leather Gray Soft Grain Leather 280-FM68 Welding and Faceshield Headgear Cotton Black Cotton SuperEight Cotton Jersey Sweatbands Features: Convenient SuperEight sweatbands can easily be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Designed for comfort and durability. Soft cotton jersey for added comfort. Used With : Hard Hats; Full Brim Hats Strap Type : Hook and Loop SKU Color Material 280-FM69 Black Soft Cotton Jersey Sweatbands Features: Highly absorbent fabric. Can easily be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Used With : E1, E2 & P2 Series Helmets Strap Type : SuperEight Swing Strap SKU Color Material 280-FM44RTV Black Terry Cloth SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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