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702 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Speedglas 100 Series Parts and Accessories Features: The Speedglas 100 scratch-resistant outside protection plate is hardcoated and available for use in demanding environments to help resist scratching, abrasion and spark and spatter. Speedglas 100 products are formulated to resist higher heat applications. SKU Material Color 711-04-0320-00 - 711-15-0299-99X06 Fiberglass White 711-07-0200-51 Polycarbonate Clear Speedglas 9100 Series Inside Protection Plates Features: Designed to protect the inside surface of the auto-darkening filter from spark and spatter. For use with Speedglas 9100 Series. Resistance : Spark; Spatter Material : Polycarbonate Color : Clear SKU Style Window Width x Length 711-06-0200-20 Rectangular; Inside Protection Plate 2 1/2 in X 4 5/8 in 711-06-0200-30 Rectangular; Inside Protection Plate 3 1/16 in x 4 5/8 in Speedglas 9100 Series Lens & Plate Parts and Accessories Features: Designed for the Professional Welder incorporating dark shade ranges 8-13, grinding and torch cutting modes, and advanced arc detection electronics. For use with all arc welding processes. Window Width x Length : 6 3/8 in x 3 3/4 in Material : Polycarbonate Color : Clear SKU Lens Coating/ Shade Resistance 711-06-0200-51 Clear Standard 711-06-0200-52 Clear Scratch Resistant Welding Helmet Parts & Accessories Custom-fit Replacement Headgear Features: Deeply offset, pliable headband fits head contours comfortably. Overhead band with multiple adjustments helps position the glassholder for the best view of the weld and a comfortable working position. Exclusive "free-floating" arms balance and stabilize the helmet while minimizing pressure points. Strip-proof ratchet head size adjustment provides small increment sizing. SKU Used With Suspension Adjustment Method Type Style 280-1CR F300 Series Ratchet Ratchet Pipeliner Ratchet 280-3C F400, F500 Series Ratchet Ratchet Standard Ratchet 280-1CP Pipeliner Welding Helmet Ratchet Strap; Ratchet Pipeliner Neoprene Strap Welding Helmet Headgear Features: Teeth are automatically disengaged during adjustment. Air-cushioned cloth sweatband is washable and durable. Type : Replacement Headgear SKU Used With Suspension Style 138-14556 900, 800 and 400 Series Welding Helmets Ratchet 117A 138-14956 H Series Welding Helmets Ratchet 170 138-20696 HaloX Welding Helmets; HSL Ratchet 370 Protecto-Shield ProLock Headgear with Ratchet Adjustment and Sweatband Features: Constructed of durable thermoplastic. Heat-resistant browguard prevents fluids from getting inside the visor. Ratchet knob enables tension adjustment and visor positioning. Visor (not included) attaches easily. SKU Used With 812-11380048 Protecto-Shield Visors SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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