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635 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Insect Repellents & Sunscreens Insect Repellents - Double Strength Features: Uses a double strength formula to repel up to twice as long as common consumer insect repellents. Protects outdoor workers by reducing the risk of contracting Lyme Disease from ticks when sprayed on exposed skin and clothing. Insect Type : Ants; Chiggers; Fleas; Gnats; Mosquitos; Ticks Odor/Scent : Mild Aromatic SKU Container Size Capacity Vol. 125-14011 8 oz OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent Towellettes Features: Have these handy wipes at hand, with a 25% DEET formula that provides powerful protection against pesky pests. Convenient individually wrapped wipes are portable and pocket-sized, making them perfect for car, trucks, briefcases, tool boxes, and more. Wipes provide effective protection that won't stain clothes. Insect Type : Black Flies; Chiggers; Fleas; Gnats; Mosquitoes; No-see-ums; Sand Flies; Ticks Odor/Scent : Alcohol SKU Capacity Vol. 395-CB549967 0.123 oz OFF! Deep Woods Repellents Features: Effectively repels against biting mosquitoes, flies, and more. Special valve system allows the aerosol to be sprayed in any direction-permitting easy application to skin and clothing. Insect Type : Chiggers; Fleas; Gnats; Mosquitoes; Ticks Odor/Scent : Unscented VOC : 64.40% SKU Container Size Capacity Vol. 395-CB018425 6 oz 50 Person Industrial First Aid Kits Features: Neat, orderly interior packaging, makes content easy to locate and use. Carrying handle. Wall mountable. Weatherproof steel. Test & Approvals : Contents Exceed Requirements of ANSI Standard Z308.1-2003 SKU Includes Case Material 579-6450 Scissors; Instructions; Latex Gloves; Adhesive Strips 1 x 3 in; First Aid/Burn Cream Packs; Large Wound Pads; Adhesive Tape 1/2 in; Gauze Bandage 4 in; Triangular Bandage; Antiseptic Wipes; Eye Pads (with strips); Instant Cold Pack; Forceps; Gauze Pads 4 in; Aspirin; Sterile Eye Cup; Elastic Bandage; Eye Flush (4 oz ) Weatherproof Steel Bloodborne Pathogens Kits Features: Supplies to cover just about any workplace injury. Neatly ordered interior compartment. Weatherproof case. Usage : 27 Piece SKU Includes Case Material 579-3060 Antiseptic Towelettes; Biohazard Bag; Clear Bag; Control Gown, X-Large; Eye & Face Shield/Mask; Nitrile Exam Gloves; Paper Towels; Scoop & Spatula; Surface Disinfectant Towelettes Weatherproof Plastic SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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