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630 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Pure Flow 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station Features: Delivers Eyesaline Solution: purified, contaminant-free and physiologically correct from a sealed, integrated delivery module. Constant fluid flow rate and stream height for 15 minutes. Highly visible green color provides easy identification in an emergency situation. Sure-grip handle provides instant, simple activation. Activation straps display expiration date. Integral drain valve allows easy draining of reservoir after use. Integral fluid reservoir captures waste fluid, eliminating potential safety hazards and simplifying fluid disposal. Cover keeps dirt and trash from collecting in the basin and nozzle. Eye Solution (Not Included) order separately 32-001050-0000. Test & Approvals : SEI Certified to Meet ANSI Z358.1 Flow : 0.4 gpm Capacity Vol. : 7 gal SKU 203-32-001000-0000 Pure Flow 1000 Recommended Refills & Accessories Features: Up to 24 month cartridge life. Preserved, buffered, pH balanced, saline solution. Cartridge change takes less than 5 minutes. Capacity Vol. : 7 gal SKU Type 203-32-001050-0000 Saline Cartridge 203-32-ST1050-0000 Saline Cartridge Eye & Skin Flush Emergency Station/Replacement Twin Bottles Features: Provides easy access for a quick response to eye accidents. Sterile eye, face, and skin flush. Capacity Vol. : 16 oz SKU Type 579-24-102 Double Bottle Saline Concentrates Features: Buffered saline eyewash. Sterile and pH-balanced solution is more hygienically reliable than conventional tap water which may contain contaminants. Simple to use -- just mix with clean, potable water (10:1 ratio). For use with Fendall Porta Stream Eyewash systems. SKU Type Capacity Vol. 203-32-000509-0000 Concentrate 70 oz 203-32-000513-0000 Concentrate 180 oz Eyesaline Personal Eyewash Products Features: Eyesaline solution delivery. Easy open top. User-controlled volume delivery. Quality assured manufacturing. SKU Capacity Vol. 203-32-000451-0000 1 oz 203-32-000452-0000 4 oz Flash Flood Emergency Eyewash Station Features: Dual nozzles flush both eyes simultaneously. When the cartridge is inserted in the base unit, the cartridge seal is broken and the Flash Flood is ready to deliver eyewash solution for three minutes. Cartridge replacement is quick and easy. Wall mounted. Flow : 3 min Capacity Vol. : 1 gal SKU 203-32-000400-0000 SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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