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626 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Vapor Monitors Gas and Vapor Cartridges Features: Ensure employee safety with a cartridge that protects against mercury vapors, chlorine gases, sulfur dioxide and particulates. Can be used in a variety of applications, including petrochemical, laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. Convenient swept-back design provides enhanced visibility, balance and comfort. SKU Quantity 142-60929S 60 per case Testers Smoke Test Brand Smoke Detector Testers Features: Simulates smoke to provide a true, functional test for smoke detectors. Aerosol spray extends user reach up to 6', allows testing to be done while standing safely on the floor. Convenient package makes testing easy, increasing the likelihood that detectors will be tested on a regular basis. No harmful residue, plastic safe, non-staining. Contains no Class I Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Color : Clear SKU Container Size Packing Type 125-02105 6 oz Aerosol Can Calibration Testing Gas Features: Calibrating test gas contains a mixture of 1.45% methane, 15% oxygen, 60 PPM carbon monoxide and 20 PPM hydrogen sulphide. Mixture is ideal for multi-gas detectors. Designed for use with Altair 4, Altair 4X, Solaris, Altair 5 and Altair 5X series gas detectors. Also good for use with Sirius PID multi-gas detector. Test & Approvals : NIST SKU Container Size Packing Type 454-10045035 58 L Cylinder Gas Cylinder SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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