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603 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Fall Protection Kits Twin Turbo Fall Protection Systems Features: Replacement for double-legged shock-absorbing lanyards. Innovative design that easily connects to the back D-ring of any fall protection harness increasing worker productivity and versatility with freedom of movement. Permits TurboLite PFLs to swivel in multiple directions for greater mobility, the swivel action prevents webbing from twisting and binding inside of the unit. Webbing payout smoothly extends/retracts without interruption. SKU Includes Packing Type 493-MFLB-3-Z7/6FT (2) TurboLite PFLs Box 493-MFLB-4-Z7/6FT (2) TurboLite PFLs Box Twin Turbo T-BAK Self-Retracting Lifelines Features: Heavy-duty web lifeline smoothly extends/retracts without interruption for greater mobility and convenience. Tie-back ANYWHERE on the Lifeline: Provides more tie-off anchorage locations with a greater variety of beam-size options. Simplifies user training for improved safety. Miller 5K Locking Snap Hook designed specifically for tie-back use. (22 kN) gate load capacity from any angle. Regular snap hooks easily fail if load forces are concentrated on the face or side of a hook - NOT with the Miller 5K Snap Hook. XTREME Performance Webbing. Engineered with high-tech strength and abrasion-resistant webbing. White side stripe stitching indicates that it is specially-designed for tie-back use. User-rated for 400 lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity. SKU Includes Packing Type 493-MFLTB-1/7 5FT Twin Turbo D-Ring with Two MFLT-1/7.5ft Turbo T-BAK Units Box Safety Goggles Protection Parts & Accessories Eyewear Packs Features: Made of durable nylon. Protects lenses from scratches and abrasion. Belt loops. SKU 763-S491 763-S493 Stealth Replacement Lenses Features: Minimizes outdoor sunlight and glare. Offer 99.9% ultra-violet protection. SKU Lens Coating/Shade Lens Tint 763-S700C Uvextreme Clear 763-S701C Uvextreme Gray FALL PROTECTION Body Belts Miners Body Belts Features: Straps for attaching battery and respirator. Not to be used for fall-arrest. Brightly colored polyester webbing improves worker safety through better visibility. SKU Size Group Connection Type Fastening Method Material 454-415338 Small Fixed D-Ring Tongue Buckle Polyester Webbing/ Nylon 454-415336 Medium Fixed D-Ring Tongue Buckles Nylon 454-415335 Large Fixed D-Ring Tongue Buckles Nylon SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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