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60 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES O-Ring Making Kits Features: Convenient O-Ring making kit makes replacement, high performance o-rings in less than a minute. Eliminates the need to disassemble parts and components. Easy to use kit includes everything you need to create a custom O-ring on the spot. Test & Approvals : CFIA Color : Clear SKU 442 00112 Quicktite Instant Adhesive Gel Features: A general purpose instant adhesive featuring an innovative, precision flow control applicator. This new, patented, "squeeze grip" applicator allows for pinpoint control on the exact amount and placement of the adhesive. It is also designed to be clog-free, so the adhesive is always ready-to-use. Color : Clear Adhesive Tensile Shear : Shear strength 3200 psi (steel to steel) Gap Fill : 0.002 in SKU 442 39202 Strong Steel Stick Renewal Composite Features: Hand-kneadable ready-to-use stick. Hardens like steel in 20 minutes. Can be machined, drilled and painted in 20 minutes. Plugs and seals leaks. Permanently fill gaps & holes in metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass & ceramics. Patches holes & cracks in pipes, drums and tanks. Can be used for underwater repairs. Color : Black; Gray Adhesive Tensile Shear : 800 psi Tensile Strength : 900 psi Compressive Strength : 8,000 psi Chemical Compound : Epoxy Working Time : 4 min Dielectric Strength : 300 V/mil SKU Container Size 428 60159 4 oz Fixmaster Magna-Crete Features: Does not shrink or crack. Can be mixed and applied from -15F to 115F (-26C to 46C). Set times from 10 to 90 minutes depending on air temperature. Chemical resistant to most common liquids and chemicals, excluding acids. Freeze and thaw resistant. High impact resistance. Color : Grey Compressive Strength : 13,000 psi Gap Fill : Beyond 2 1/2 cm, use pea gravel to fill Chemical Compound : Magnesium phosphate Packing Type : Bottle/Bucket Kit SKU Capacity Vol. 442 235573 5 gal Fixmaster Metal Magic Steel Features: Cut off a section, knead, and apply to leaking pipes or damaged equipment. Certified and approved for use with drinking water system components. Color : Grey Adhesive Tensile Shear : 2,500 psi Tensile Strength : 2,500 psi Compressive Strength : 12,000 psi Chemical Compound : Epoxy Working Time : 3 min. SKU Capacity Vol. 442 98853 4 oz Fixmaster Underwater Repair Epoxy Features: This putty like material is ideal for plumbing, irrigation, and marine applications, because it is unaffected by chlorinated or salt water. Hand kneadable. Test & Approvals : CFIA Color : White Adhesive Tensile Shear : 900 psi Tensile Strength : 900 psi Compressive Strength : 12,000 psi Chemical Compound : Epoxy Working Time : 15 min. SKU Capacity Vol. 442 82093 4 oz ORSNASCO.COM

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