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591 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction LAW Protective Eyewear Features: Fashionable wrap-around lens design offers excellent orbital seal and higher level of protection from side impacts due to its greater coverage area. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) temple inserts and nose pads enhance grip and comfort. Test & Approvals : Complies with ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 Standards Lens Material : Polycarbonate Lens Coating/Shade : Duramass Anti-Fog SKU Frame Color Lens Tint 135-LW310AF Clear Rubicon Protective Eyewear Features: Aspheric lens design. Spring hinge metal temples. Gel nosepiece. Nylon temple sleeve. Lens Material : Polycarbonate SKU Lens Tint Lens Coating/Shade Resistance 135-T4110AF Clear Anti-Fog 99.9% UV 135-T411G Emerald Scratch Resistant 99.9% UV 135-T411R Fire Scratch Resistant 99.9% UV 135-T4112Af Gray Anti-Fog 99.9% UV 135-T4113AF Light Blue Anti-Fog;Duramass Hard Coat 99.9% Ultraviolet;Anti- Fog;Scratch Storm Protective Eyewear Features: Sturdy eyewear treated with our exclusive Duramass scratch-resistant coating. Single wraparound dual focal point lens with integral side shields. Lightweight polycarbonate lenses filter 99.9% of UV rays. Safety eyewear delivers advanced visual acuity and protection. Test & Approvals : All items meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 Safety Standards SKU Frame Color Lens Tint Lens Coating/ Shade Resistance 135-ST110 Black Clear Scratch-Resistant Scratch-Resistant; Ultraviolet 135-ST112 Black Gray Scratch-Resistant Scratch-Resistant; Ultraviolet 135-ST1150 Black Green Filter 5.0 99.9% UV 135-ST1130 Black Green Filter 3.0 Duramass Hard Coat 99 9% Ultraviolet;Scratch CK2 Series Safety Glasses Features: Sleek design makes this a comfortable fit for almost anyone. Exclusive duramass scratch-resistant coating. Near total seal of eye orbit assures the highest level of protection. Gel temple sleeves, and soft gel nose piece for a wider range of comfort and fit. Lens Material : Polycarbonate Resistance : 99.9% UV SKU Frame Color Lens Tint 135-CK210 Smoke Clear Klondike Protective Eyewear Features: Gel nose piece for long-wearing comfort. Adjustable temples ensure comfortable fit for male and female wearers. Strong lightweight polycarbonate lens with 11-degree base curve filters out 99.9% of U.V. radiation. Test & Approvals : Meets ANSI 2003 Z87.1 Standards Lens Material : Polycarbonate Resistance : 99.9% UV SKU Frame Color Lens Tint 135-KD110 Black Clear 135-KD110AF Black Clear 135-KD112 Black Gray 135-KD112AF Black Gray 135-KD119 Black Indoor/Outdoor Clear-Mirror 135-KD113 Black Light Blue Law OTG Protective Eyewear Features: Durable nylon frame with 5 position ratcheting temple design for optimum fit. Non slip TPR temples for comfort and grip. Over the glass designed to fit over prescription eyewear. Test & Approvals : Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ Standard Lens Material : Polycarbonate Lens Coating/Shade : Anti-Fog Resistance : 99.9% UV SKU Frame Color Lens Tint 135-OG110AF Silver Clear SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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