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572 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction E-A-R Push-Ins Foam Earplugs Features: No roll down earplugs. The patented E-A-Rform foam tip is shaped and sized to mold comfortably to fit virtually every sized canal. The the unique foam actually softens and becomes more pliable with body temperature, the seal and comfort increases the longer the plugs are worn. Test & Approvals : CSA Class AL Color : Yellow Packing Type : Poly Bag SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type Quantity 247-318-1000 28 dB Polyurethane Uncorded 100 pair per box 247-318-1001 28 dB Polyurethane Corded 100 pair per box 247-318-1002 28 dB Polyurethane Uncorded 200 pair per box 247-318-1003 28 dB Polyurethane Corded 200 pair per box 247-318-1005 28 dB Polyurethane Corded 500 pair per box E-A-R Push-Ins SofTouch Earplugs Features: No roll convenience. Easy fitting, narrow to wide design. SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Color Type 247-318-4000 31 dB Foam Yellow Uncorded;Pistol-Grip Handle 247-318-4001 31 dB Polyurethane Yellow/Blue Corded E-A-R Push-Ins w/Grip Ring Foam Earplugs Features: Shaped for comfort, gripped for fit. Easy fit with no roll down required. Foam softens with body heat. Grip Ring design to gently hug ear canal. SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type 247-318-1008 30 dB Polyurethane Uncorded 247-318-1009 30 dB Polyurethane Corded E-A-R E-Z-Fit Foam Earplugs Features: Earplugs provide a soft, comfortable sound barrier for reliable noise reduction and comfortable hearing protection. Ideal for smaller earcanals. Poly bag keeps each pair of earplugs clean before use. Packing Type : Poly Bag Quantity : 200 pair per box SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type 247-312-1208 28 dB Polyurethane Uncorded 247-312-1222 28 dB Polyurethane Corded E-A-R Express Pod Plugs Features: Design eliminates fear of hand-to-ear contamination. Designed for excellent attenuation on the job. Less foam provides exceptional comfort, less pressure and less sound distortion. SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Color Type 247-321-2200 25 dB Polyurethane Assorted Uncorded 247-311-1115 25 dB Polyurethane Assorted Corded 247-311-1114 25 dB Foam; Vinyl Blue Corded 247-321-2100 25 dB Polyurethane Blue Corded 247-311-1127 26 dB Polyurethane Earplugs; Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Grips Yellow/Blue Corded E-A-R One Touch Earplug Dispensers Features: The new ONE TOUCH features the most reliable delivery system in the world. The patented "No Waste Funnel" system allows users to reuse both the base and dispensing unit. Color : Yellow Type : Uncorded Packing Type : Clear Bottle SKU Noise Reduction Body Material 247-391-1004 33 dB Polyurethane SAFETY & SECURITY ORSNASCO.COM

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