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569 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction E-A-Rsoft Grippers Earplugs Features: Patented grip-ring design softly hold plug in place. Easy-grip handle for easy insertion and removal. Type : Corded SKU Noise Reduction Body Material 247-312-6001 31 dB Polyurethane E-A-Rsoft SuperFit Earplugs Features: Features smooth texture for in-ear comfort and are made of an advanced foam formulation for outstanding softness. Exclusive orange fitting ring design provides a built-in visual to confirm proper fit. Color : Yellow; Red Packing Type : Poly Bag SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type 247-311-1254 33 dB Polyurethane Corded 247-312-1256 33 dB Polyurethane Uncorded E-A-Rsoft SuperFit Metal Detectable Corded Earplugs Features: Specially developed for food processing and other industries where it is critical to keep earplugs from contaminating products and processes. Recognized by most metal-sensing systems, these earplugs feature an implanted stainless steel ball bearing in the plug and metal particles in the cord. Soft polyurethane earplug. Regular size fits most ear canals. EARsoft with SuperFit fitting ring. Type : Corded SKU Noise Reduction Body Material 247-311-4106 32 dB Polyurethane Caboflex Model 600 Hearing Protectors Features: Band helps prevent loss and is ideal for intermittent use. Conically-shaped plugs provide a comfortable fit. No hinged band. Dermatologically safe plugs are non-irritating. Packing Type : Poly Bag SKU Noise Reduction Body Material 247-320-2001 20 dB PVC/Silicone/ABS E-A-Rcaps Model 2000 Semi-Insert Banded Features: Under the chin, non- invasive, comfortable hearing protection, yellow foam replaceable pods. Soft foam replacement caps for use only with E-A-Rcaps banded hearing protector. Replacement Pods for E-A-R Caps Model 2000 Hearing Protector (#350-2100 and #321-2101). Color : Yellow SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type Packing Type Quantity 247-321-2101 17 dB Polyurethane Banded Bag 10 per box 247-321-2103 17 dB Polyurethane Replacement Pods for Banded Poly Bag 5 per box E-A-Rsoft FX Earplugs Features: Soft, slow-recovery foam. Earplugs effectively seal the earcanal and provide reliable hearing protection. Tapered bell shape more effectively fits in the ear canal. Color : Yellow Packing Type : Poly Bag SKU Noise Reduction Body Material Type 247-312-1260 33 dB Polyurethane Corded 247-312-1261 33 dB Polyurethane Uncorded SAFETY & SECURITY 1.800.678.6577

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