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55 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES R-Flex Belt Repair Kits Features: Repair holes, gouges and tears in SBR conveyor belt. Coats hinged or solid plate fastener systems to protect them from damage. Rebuild worn rubber top ply of SBR belts protecting surface from abrasion and impact from aggregate. Color : Black Adhesive Tensile Shear : 89 pli surface rubber pull Tensile Strength : 1,462 psi Chemical Compound : Urethane Dielectric Strength : 350 V/mil Packing Type : Kit SKU Container Size 230 15565 1.5 lb Underwater Repair Putty (UW) Features: Penetrates wetness to bond securely to steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, concrete, wood, and some plastics. Invaluable for use in pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, and marine environments. Eliminates the need for substrate to be thoroughly dry before repair. Non-rusting. Easy-to-mix and apply. Cures in temperatures as low as 40F. Test & Approvals : Chemical resistance was tested by immersion for 30 days at 75 F, after 7 days room temperature cure Color : Gray Adhesive Tensile Shear : 2,685 psi Compressive Strength : 5,625 psi Gap Fill : 1/4 in Chemical Compound : Epoxy Working Time : 45 min Dielectric Strength : 150 V/mil SKU Capacity Vol. 230 11800 1 lb Plastic Welder II Features: Formulated for difficult-to-bond engineered plastics such as nylon-based alloys, epoxy composites and modified polyesters. Room temperature cure, with a functional cure in three hours. Bonds dissimilar substrates. Test & Approvals : Peel strength tested according to ASTM D1876-61P; Resistance tested by immersion of bonded steel lap joints for 2 weeks in antifreeze, jet fuel, 10% and 50% sulfuric acid, and 10% and 20% potassium hydroxide, and by immersion for 2 months in gasoline at 72 F; Shear strength tested according to ASTM D1002; Compression shear strength tested according to ASTM D3931; Impact resistance tested according to ASTM D950 Color : Straw Adhesive Tensile Shear : 3,000 psi Gap Fill : 1/8 in Chemical Compound : Methyl Methacrylate Working Time : 2-3 min Packing Type : Dev-Pak SKU Capacity Vol. 230 14340 47 mL Plexus MA830 Gray Adhesive & Activator Features: Two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of metals without primers. Bonds thermoplastic and composite assemblies with little or no surface preparation. High strength - excellent fatigue endurance and impact resistance. Color : Gray Adhesive Tensile Shear : 2000 - 2,500 psi Tensile Strength : 2000-2500 psi Chemical Compound : Methacrylate Working Time : 4-6 min Packing Type : Cartridge SKU Capacity Vol. 230 IT187 380 mL 1.800.678.6577

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