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514 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Pilot Point 29-Piece Gold Ferrous Oxide Drill Bit Sets Features: Pilot Point starts on contact. Unique, no-spin shank keeps bits securely seated to save you time and frustration. Patented, tapered web ensures durability for less broken bits. Side markings above the shank for reference points that don-Inchest wear away. Includes metal index, split point bits from 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch, and Pilot Point bits from 9/64-inch to 1/2-inch in 64th-inch increments. Finish : Gold Ferrous Oxide No. of Flutes : 29 Length : 10 in Applications : Metal;Plastic;Wood Point Angle : Pilot Point Shank Type : No-Spin Round Shank SKU Cutting Diam 115-DW1969 1/16 in- 1/2 in Electrician's Hole Saw Kits Features: Door lock kit utilizes C-clamp design with tool-free clamping and no surface damage. Door lock kit utilizes alignment window and taller bushings to deliver accurate height placement and straight drilling. Applicable Materials : Bi-Metal Material; Wood Cutting Edge Material : Bi-Metal Material SKU Includes Cutting Dia 115-D180002 Carrying Case; Mandrels: 1/4 in and 7/16 in; Saws: 7/8 in; 1 1/8 in; 1 3/8 in; 1 3/4 in; 2 in; 2 1/2 in 7/8 in; 1 1/8 in; 1 3/8 in; 1 3/4 in; 2 in; 2 1/2 in DepthCyclone Premium Annular Cutters Features: Annular cutters save time and energy when compared to other hole producing methods. While cutting only the periphery of the hole, annular cutters produce a ream quality, burr-free hole. No step drilling is required and holes are cut quickly and accurately. SKU Cutting Diam Cutting Depth Applicable Materials Used With Cutting Edge Material 510-CC812L 13/16 in 2 in Most Metals Magnetic Drill Presses HSS 510-CC812 13/16 in 1 in Most Metals Magnetic Drill Presses HSS Hand-Tite Keyless Drill Chucks Features: Patented keyless design. Rugged construction. High mechanical advantage converts hand tightening torque into superior bit gripping force. Ergonomic design. Fast bit changing. No lost key delays. For variable speed corded and cordless portable drills. Test & Approvals : Meets or Exceeds DIN Run-Out and Dimensional Specifications Overall Length : 2.9 in Housing Diam : 1.7 in Finish : Hard Nose Black SKU Capacity Key Size Mechanism Mounting 403-31038 .062 in - .5 in Keyless Hand Tightening Threaded 1/2-20 403-31037 .062 in - .5 in Keyless Hand Tightening Threaded 3/8-24 Thumb Handle Chuck Keys Features: Soft steel handles. Precision crafted. Mechanism : Thumb SKU Type Key Size Wt. 403-3651 Key K3 0.20 lb 403-3655 Key K4 0.36 lb Drill Bit Sharpeners Features: Easy 2-step sharpening (align & sharpen). Sharpens bits in less than 60 seconds. Sharpens HSS, TiN coated and carbide. Point Angle : 118 ; 135 Includes : E-Z Align System; Diamond Grinding Wheel; Chuck; Video; Case Voltage : 110 VAC Cord Length : 6 ft SKU Bit Diam Capacities 244-DD750X 3/4 in A-Z Letter Size Drill POWER TOOLS ORSNASCO.COM

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