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51 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES 10 Minute Epoxy Features: Flexible epoxy provides excellent adhesion to metals and superior peel, impact, and chemical resistance. High shear strength. Excellent chemical resistance to oils, hydrocarbons, and fuels. Self leveling liquid for encapsulating components. Bonds dissimilar substrates. Provides good gap fill. Test & Approvals : Chemical resistance was tested by immersion for 2 weeks at 42 C after 7 days cure at 75 F; Cured hardness tested according to ASTM D2240; T-Peel strength tested according to ASTM D1876, 10"/min on 0.030" abraded steel; Tensile shear strength tested according to ASTM D1002, 0.007" bond line using 0.060" substrate thickness at 48-hr cure at 75F; Ultimate elongation and ultimate tensile strength (post-cure 2-hr at 180 F) tested according to ASTM D638 Color : Black Adhesive Tensile Shear : 2,400 psi Working Time : 10 min Dielectric Strength : 800 V/mil Packing Type : Dev-Pak SKU Capacity Vol. 230 14255 50 mL 2 Ton Clear Epoxy Features: Extremely strong, medium-cure adhesive. Self-Leveling after application. Works to fill poorly mated joining surfaces, while providing adhesion. Water-resistant formula. Cures without shrinking. Good impact resistance. Produces strong, rigid bond to metal, ceramics, wood, concrete, glass in any combination. Test & Approvals : Chemical resistance was tested by immersion for 30 days at 75 F, after 7 days room temperature cure; Cured hardness tested according to ASTM D-2240 Color : Clear; White Adhesive Tensile Shear : 2,250 psi Compressive Strength : 11,000 psi Chemical Compound : Epoxy Working Time : 8-12 min Dielectric Strength : 600 V/mil Packing Type : Dev-Tube SKU Capacity Vol. 230 14310 25 mL Supertak General Purpose Adhesives Features: A quick-tack, specially formulated, versatile adhesive for both temporary (1-surface) or permanent (2-surface) bonding of a variety of lightweight materials. Provides spray coverage of large areas with a quick uniform coating that offers low soak-in with no staining or wrinkling of lightweight materials. Color : Translucent Yellow Tensile Strength : 38 psi Chemical Compound : Synthetic Resin and Styrene Butadiene Copolymer Mixture; Solvent System is Hexane (Aliphatic) and Acetone (Ketone) Working Time : 1-Surface Bond: 5 min; 2-Surface Bonds: 10 min SKU Capacity Vol. 535 K008712 23.8 oz Supertak Trim Adhesives Features: Sturdy trim adhesive provides a soft bond line, with high heat resistance and excellent strength for both temporary (1-surface) or permanent (2-surface) bonding of lightweight materials. Creates bonds between both porous and non-porous surfaces. Adheres to painted surfaces, FRP, and plastics. Color : Translucent Chemical Compound : Rubber Working Time : 10 min SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 535 K283912 22 oz 1-Minute Gel Epoxy Features: Fills gaps. Fast-curing without fixturing. Non-sagging on vertical surfaces. Test & Approvals : Adhesive tensile shear strength Tested by ASTM D1002 with an overlap shear run at 0.005" bond line thickness Color : Amber Adhesive Tensile Shear : 1,600 psi Working Time : 45 sec Dielectric Strength : 490 V/mil SKU Capacity Vol. 230 14277 50 mL 1.800.678.6577

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