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49 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES Jet-Melt Adhesive 3762 Features: Rapid setting adhesive has excellent "hot tack" properties making it great closing cartons and bonding corrugated paper products. Works on lightly waxed cartons. Used to put up signs and make point of purchase displays. Test & Approvals : FDA Listed Color : Tan Tensile Strength : 480 psi Working Time : 35 sec Packing Type : Stick SKU Capacity Vol. 405-021200-82615 11 lb. Scotch-Grip Plastic Adhesive 1099 Features: Fast drying adhesive with good resistance to plasticizer migration. High strength and resistance to weathering, water, oil and many solvents. Color : Light Tan Chemical Compound : Nitrile Rubber Packing Type : Tube SKU Capacity Vol. 405-021200-19808 5 oz Scotch-Grip Rubber & Gasket Adhesive Features: Premium quality, versatile, brushable, heat resistant adhesive that develops strength rapidly. Has excellent adhesion to metal, bake enamel, wood, most plastics, and neoprene, reclaim, SBR, and butyl rubber. Packing Type : Tube SKU Capacity Vol. Color Working Time 405-021200-19718 5 oz Reddish Brown 15 min 405-021200-19868 5 oz Yellow 12 min Scotchkote Liquid Epoxy Coatings Features: 2 part liquid epoxy kit suitable for brushing used for patching pipe coatings. It can be used as a patch material, a girthweld coating, a stand alone coating for pipe rehabilitation, and in a wide variety of other field applications where corrosion protection of metal is required. Color : Blue-Green Tensile Strength : 4000 psi Packing Type : Can SKU Capacity Vol. 500-17574 0.63 L; 0.31 L FoamFast 74 Spray Adhesive Features: Extremely fast-tacking, industrial-grade adhesive. Immediate foam-tearing strength. Soft, non-dimpling bond line. Color : Clear Tensile Strength : 200 psi Working Time : 30 sec to 15 min Packing Type : Aerosol Can SKU Capacity Vol. 405-021200-50045 16.9 oz Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive Features: Has high contact bond strength, one-minute dry time, high temperature resistance, low misting, precise spray control, and variable width spray pattern. It can be used for decorative laminate bonding to tables, cabinets, shelving, bonding kick plates. Color : Clear Tensile Strength : 600 psi Packing Type : Aerosol Can SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 405-021200-30023 24 oz 1.800.678.6577

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