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486 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction DEMOLITION TOOLS Pneumatic Chipping Hammers Grooved Barrel Heavy Duty Air Chippers Features: Strong forged steel throttle handle for durability. Plated piston for reduced wear and extended life. Barrel is grooved for use with retainers. Long nozzle section for long life. Pressure : 90 psi Cycle Rate : 2,300 blows/min Air Consumption : 28 CFM SKU Bit/Blade Mounting Type Handle Type Stroke Length Hose Size Inlet Size 383-2A2SA Round Nozzle Swan Neck 2 in 1/2 in 3/8 in W-Series Chipping Hammers Features: Heavy-duty chipping hammer. Swan neck handle with outside trigger. Rubber-buffered screw-on retainer. Accommodates round collar accessories. Pressure : 90 psi Cycle Rate : 1,480 blows/min Air Consumption : 29 CFM SKU Bit/Blade Mounting Type Handle Type Stroke Length Hose Size Inlet Size 383-W4A1 Hex Nozzle Rubber Buffered 2 in 1/2 in 3/8 in Pneumatic Riveting Hammers Air Hammers Features: Accurate and easily controlled tease throttle. Standard beehive retainer - allows use of a wide variety of accessories. Model 772 - Unitized "easy-out" throttle valve assembly. Furnished with two retainers for use with a wide variety of accessories. Shank Diam : 0.401 in Pressure : 90 psi SKU Cycle Rate Inlet Size Stroke Length Bore Diam Type Control Type 383-116 3,500 blows/min 1/4 in 2 5/8 in 11/16 in Standard Duty Trigger 383-772 3,000 blows/min 1/4 in NPT(F) 2 1/4 in 3/4 in Utility Hammer Teasing Throttle Trigger (6) Chisels, Blow Molded Plastic Case 383-121-K6 3000 blows/min 1/4 in NPT(F) 3 1/2 in 3/4 in Super Duty Trigger CUTTING TOOLS Pneumatic Hacksaw Parts & Accessories Hacksaw Blades Features: High speed steel blade. Able to cut non-ferrous metal and steel. Cutting Edge Material : HSS SKU Teeth Per Inch Cutter Diam Length Thickness 232-6-35-03-069-00-8 12 14 3/4 in 21 in 1/16 in 232-6-35-03-073-00-6 14 17 5/16 in 24 in 5/64 in Pneumatic Hacksaws STS 325R Pneumatic Hacksaw Features: Pneumatic hacksaw is ideally suited for trimming pipes and profiles. Ability to cut pipe up to 24" in diameter. Delivers a blade stroke of 2 3/8"-up to 330 strokes per minute. Suitable for steel, cast iron, concrete and plastic. Operating Pressure : 87 psi Air Consumption : 51.2 CFM Cutting Cap. : 24 in Dia Max; 11 27/64 W x 21 11/16 in H; 18 3/4 L x 6 3/4 in H Includes : (2) Blades; Set of Wrenches; (1) Additional Handle; Hose Coupling SKU Stroke Length Speed 232-STS-325R 2 3/8 in 330 rpm Pneumatic Reciprocating Saws Air Reciprocating Saws Features: Reciprocating saw is effective for cutting through a variety of metals, wood, masonry, drywall, plaster and other solid materials. Features swivel air inlet. Aggressive cutting stroke. Handle Type : Back D-Handle/Body Grip Control Type : Trigger Lock-Off; Variable Speed Hose Size : 3/8 in Length : 17.2 in SKU Stroke Length Air Consumption Inlet Pressure Inlet Size 672-1300 0.6 in 35 CFM 90 psig 1/4 in (NPT) PNEUMATICS ORSNASCO.COM

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