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48 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES ADHESIVE PRODUCTS Adhesive Product Accessories Scotch-Weld EPX Plus II Applicators Features: Low-cost portable, self contained metering, mixing and dispensing machine. Simultaneously meters and mixes two-part adhesives as the material is applied. Quick and easy to operate. SKU 405-021200-50004 Cartridge Mix Nozzles Features: 1:1 epoxy adhesives (50ml). Mixing and delivery tool for Devcon. SKU 230-14285 Mark 5 Dispensing Systems Features: 1:1 and for 10:1 ratio. Eliminates guesswork, excessive waste, and time associated with manually weighing and mixing two-part adhesive systems. For dispensing and applying Devcon adhesives for repair and assembly operations. Thoroughly mixes adhesives. Uses adhesive in 50-ml Dev-Pak cartridges. SKU 230-14280 Adhesives & Glues Bondo Fiberglass Repair Kits Features: Do-it-yourself solution for easy and effective auto body repair. Kit includes resin and hardener for a permanent, 100% waterproof seal that hardens in as little as two hours and is compatible with any paint. Non-shrinking polyester resin bonds to metals and plastics. Hardens quickly for fast repairs. Includes directions for easy, trouble-free use. Test & Approvals : ASTM Color : Amber Brown Adhesive Tensile Shear : Steel - 1,780 psi; Galvanized Steel - 880 psi; Aluniminum - 640 psi; FRP - 700 psi Tensile Strength : 5,110 psi Chemical Compound : Polyester Resin Working Time : 12 minutes @ 75F SKU Capacity Vol. 405-076308-00422 0.9 quart / 28.8 fl oz Scotch-Weld Neoprene High Performance Contact Adhesive 1357 Features: Gray-Green contact adhesive can be used to bond most rubber, cloth, metal, wood, foamed glass, paper honeycomb, decorative plastic laminates and many other substrates. Meets requirements of MMM-A-121. Color : Gray Chemical Compound : Polychloroprene Packing Type : Can SKU Capacity Vol. 405-021200-19892 1 qt ORSNASCO.COM

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