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474 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction TUBING Gage Glass SCHOTT DURAN Red Line Gage Glass Features: Has a red line between two white lines which when in the presence of a colorless liquid, magnifies the red line, making it easier to read liquid level. Redline tubular gage glass is widely used in tanks, reservoirs, and low-pressure boiler applications. No corrosion. SKU Outside Diam Length 055-58X36RL 5/8 in 36 in 055-58X48RL 5/8 in 48 in VALVES & REGULATORS Valves Water Cooler Replacement Spigots Features: OEM replacement part. Easy to install. Easy-to-install. For use with Rubbermaid 3 gal to 10 gal Rubbermaid Water Coolers. SKU 325-2B87T8-WHT MAINTENANCE & REPAIR PARTS Shim Sets Slotted Shim Assortment Kits Features: Slotted shim is the best way to solve alignment and leveling problems on motors, pumps generators and other plant machinery. Shims marked with thickness in decimal and metric. Thickness : 0.001 in; 0.002 in; 0.003 in; 0.004 in; 0.005 in; 0.01 in; 0.015 in; 0.02 in; 0.025 in; 0.05 in; 0.075 in; 0.1 in; 1/8 in Material : Stainless Steel SKU Width Length 605-42900 2 in 605-42910 3 in 605-42920 4 in 605-42930 5 in 605-42935 8 in Shims Bumpon Tapered Square Bumpers Features: Protect your precious property with handy pressure-sensitive, self-adhering polyurethane bumpers. They're easy to apply and skid resistant. Sturdy bumpers won't scratch or stain surfaces. SKU Material Thickness Width 405-021200-67370 Polyurethane 0.09 in 0.41 in MRO SUPPLIES ORSNASCO.COM

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