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470 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MRO SUPPLIES Mini Charge-All Intelligent Jump Starter Features: Back up power supply for your personal devices including phones, notebooks, lap tops, etc. Three onboard power ports; 19v for laptops,12v for standard 12v accessories, and 5v for charging any standard USB device. Has the ability to jump start a variety of vehicles including cars, pick ups, ATV's, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, etc. Includes a lighted charge indicator, overcharge and discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection (by IC cable), reverse polarity warning (by IC cable), and auto off switch. CUL listed AC Wall charger (global wide voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz). Can work with OBDII cable (sold separately), use it as the power supply to keep all the settings in your vehicle while you change the battery. Can work with Female Cig Socket (sold separately) into 12v DC 5.1mm Tip, to power DC devices such as GPS, inflator, cooler, car polisher or other electronics or electric tools powered by 12v DC. Zipper carry bag to hold the whole kit. SKU Boost Rating Amps Voltage 595-PCAJS400 200 A 12V Battery Clamps Heavy Duty Battery Clamps Features: Excellent electrical and physical properties. Hammer-on copper connection. Heavy duty tension spring gives positive connection on front and side. Vinyl insulation that is highly resistant to oil, acid, abrasion, chemicals and ozone. Color-coded. SKU Cable/Wire Size Amps Color Jaw Opening Jaw Material 102-67120B 1 AWG - 3 /0 AWG 600 A Black 1 in Steel 102-67120R 1 AWG - 3 /0 AWG 600 A Red 1 in Steel AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS Battery Chargers & Starting Systems Heavy Duty Fast Chargers Features: Fan cooling mechanism prevents overheating and extends product life. Heavy duty vacuum impregnated transformer to seal the unit against external agents. Patented multi-diode rectifiers. Test & Approvals : UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use Amps : 75 A; 65 A; 30 A Voltage : 6 V; 12 V; 24 V SKU A.C. Leads Boost Rating 075-6006 6-1/2 ft, 16-3 AWG 600 A Worksite Charger/Radios Features: One hour charger and cordless radio in one. Three-stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery. AM/FM Digital Tuner with LCD display, built-in clock, and 15 station memory presets. High efficiency, weather-resistant speakers with dual bass ports for maximum bass and range. Auxiliary port allows connection to CD Players, MP3 Players, and portable satellite receivers with an audio cable (cable not included). SKU 115-DC012 ORSNASCO.COM

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