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458 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Mul-T-Square Features: Handles up to 8" flanges and up to 14" fittings. Versatile for measuring 45 and 90 angles. The blades are loosened or secured by a simple twist of the conveniently located locking knob. Measuring System : Inch SKU Blade Length 432-790000 10 in; 14 in Speed Squares Features: Five tools in one: a tri-square, a miter square, a protractor, a line scriber, and a saw guide. 1/4" spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines. Includes markings for Swanson's One-Number Method of rafter layout, and is packaged with the Swanson Blue Book of Rafter Length and Roof Construction. Includes the new Diamond feature that makes layout work and seat cuts on common rafters easy. 1/4" spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines. Black filled markings and blue book. No. of Scales : 5 Increment @ Scale : 1/8 in Material : Aluminum Finish : Matte Measuring System : Inches Type : Tri-Square; Miter Square; Protractor; Line Scriber; Saw Guide SKU Blade Length Beam Length Beam Width Blade Thickness 698-S0101 7 in 7 3/16 in 3/4 in 3/16 in TAPE MEASURES Easy to Read Tape Measures Features: Groove for measuring on string or wire. Nail slot for drawing circles. Sliding end hook for true zero measurements. Sliding lock. End Type : Hook Color : Chrome Reel Type : Closed Reel Return Motion : Spring SKU Blade Length Blade Width 103-43-123 25 ft 1 in Aluminum Carpenter Squares Features: High tempered aluminum for maximum durability. Useful tables and information stamped into square, such as: new lumber scale, decimal equivalent table, metric conversion table, formula for squaring a foundation, 45, 60, 30 angle markings, volume and area formulas, wood screw gauge table, nail sizes (common and finish), quantity per pound and depth scale. Deep, long-wearing graduations for easy reading. Protective lacquered coating resists corrosion. Blade Thickness : 0.2 in Beam Length : 16 in Beam Width : 1 1/2 in Graduation(s) : 1/8 in No. of Scales : 1 Increment @ Scale : 1/8 in @ 1 in Material : Aluminum Finish : Tempered Measuring System : Inch SKU Blade Length Blade Width 680-45-300 24 in 2 in Combination Squares Features: Durable etched, hard chrome plated blades. Rust-resistant for blade longevity. Scriber for easily marking surfaces. High visibility yellow, die cast handle. Easy read vial. Brass hardware. Measuring System : Inch SKU Blade Length Blade Width Graduation(s) 680-46-123 12 in 1 in 1/32 in; 1/16 in; 1/8 in 680-46-222 12 in 1 in 1/32 in; 1/16 in; 1/8 in Premium Quick Square Layout Tools Features: Rafter layout square with black body and yellow graduations for maximum readability in all light conditions. Extra thick body for use as a saw guide with a 0 to 90 protractor scale. Beam Length : 6 3/4 in Graduation(s) : 1/8 in Material : Aluminum Finish : Black Measuring System : Inch Type : Triangle Square SKU Blade Length 680-46-071 7 in MEASURING & LEVELING TOOLS ORSNASCO.COM

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