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453 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction PLUMB BOBS Inage Oil Gauging Plumb Bobs Features: Use to check amount of liquid left in tank. For use in heavy oils. Cylindrical shaped. Shape : Cylinder Material : Brass SKU Overall Length Tip Type 182-590 6 3/4 in Blunt 182-590G 6 3/4 in Tapered 182-590GM 6 3/4 in Tapered 182-590GME 6 3/4 in Tapered Tank Gauging Plumb Bobs Features: Etched readings. Rugged construction for durability. Shape : Cylinder Tip Type : Conical Material : Brass SKU Wt. Overall Length 700-58899 20 oz 6 in PROTRACTORS Digital Protractor/Angle Finders Features: Compound cut calculator calculates miter and bevel measurements for a perfect fit. Versatile memory stores angle measurements for repeated use. Digital readout displays on front and back for easy viewing. Length : 17 in; 18 1/4 in Material : Aluminum Beam Material : Aluminum SKU Angle 114-DAF220K 220 MEASURING WHEELS Rolatape Professional Series Wheels Features: Dual counters. Featuring all steel construction, a 5-digit ratchet counter, calibrated wide rubber tires. Measuring System : Feet No. of Wheels : 1 Height : 9 1/2 in Length : 23 3/4 in Width : 19 1/4 in SKU Wheel Diam Range 114-32-400 15 1/4 in 100,000 ft MK Series Measuring Wheels Features: Adjustable twist and lock handle. Polyvinyl tread for improved traction. Magnifying lens for improved readability. Accurate gear driven counter with push button reset. Measuring System : Feet/Inches No. of Wheels : 1 SKU Wheel Diam Range 416-MK3112 10 in 10,000 ft 416-MK4512 14.3 in 10,000 ft 416-MK6012 19 in 10,000 ft MICROMETERS Series 293 Coolant Proof Micrometers Features: Strong, coolant proof micrometer with extra large LCD screen for easy visibility. Two measuring modes - ABS (absolute) and INC (incremental) - for efficient measurement . Carbide-tipped measuring faces. Origin setting function (ABS mode): The origin point value can be displayed with a touch of the ORIGIN button. Zero setting function (INC mode). IP65 Dust/Water protection level. Anvil Tip Type : Cylindrical SKU Range Accuracy 504-293-340-30 1 in .00005in MEASURING & LEVELING TOOLS 1.800.678.6577

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