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444 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction GAUGES/GAGES Feeler & Pitch Gauge Sets Metric Straight-Leaf Thickness Gages Features: Leaves made of finest tempered-steel, carefully finished to correct thickness, individually tested and marked with thickness. Locking device on most gages. Rugged, substantial steel case protects leaves. Leaves easily removed or replaced. For adjusting tappets, spark plugs, distributor points, checking bearing clearances and gear play, fitting pistons, rings and pins, and gaging narrow slots. Test & Approvals : Meets or Exceeds Accuracy and Performance Requirements of National and International Standards and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology Blade Length : 77 mm Blade Width : 12 7 mm Measuring System : Metric Includes : Protective Case Type : Feeler SKU No. of Blades Blade Thickness 681-55974 20 0.05 mm - 1 mm 25 Blade Long Feeler Gauge Sets Features: Convenient blades are etched with both decimal size and metric equivalents for easy measurement. Easily measures gap widths. Durable, flexible steel construction. Blade Length : 12 in Blade Width : 1/2 in Measuring System : Inch/Metric Includes : Steel Holder Type : Feeler SKU Blade Thickness 577-000TL 0.0015 in; 0.002 in; 0.003 in; 0 004 in; 0.005 in; 0.006 in; 0.008 in; 0.009 in; 0.01 in; 0.011 in; 0.012 in; 0.013 in; 0 014 in; 0.015 in; 0.016 in; 0.017 in; 0.018 in; 0.019 in; 0 02 in; 0.021 in; 0.025 in; 0.027 in; 0 03 in; 0.04 in Pipe Magician's Cases Features: A person who works with pipe needs the finest tools available and a way to protect them when not in use. Durable locking polypropylene case. Kit includes a standard magnetic centering head. Hole Diam : 1/2 in - 1 7/16 in Includes : (1) Pipe Flange Aligner #38240-T; (1) Standard Magnetic Centering Head #53076-M; (1) Pocket Pro Level #PP-200; (1) Small Wizard Wrap #WW-16; (1) Flange Wizard Tools Catalog; Vial Repair Kit #5102; Case SKU Material Pin Type 496-8905 Steel Two Hole Two Hole Pins Features: Sturdy two hole pins are machined from hardened steel for added durability and longevity. Utilize fast double lead threads instead of ACME threads for a more reliable hold over time. Lightweight. SKU Material Pin Type Hole Diam 496-42050-TXL Alloy Steel Extra Large Threaded 5/8 in - 3 in 496-42050-TL Alloy Steel Large Threaded 1/2 in - 1 15/16 in 496-42050-T Alloy Steel Threaded 1/2 in - 1 7/16 in 496-42050-TM Alloy Steel Two Hole 5/16 in - 63/64 in Qwik Pins Features: Qwik pins are designed for fast, accurate alignment of carbon pipe flanges. Quick installing pins work as convenient reference points to level flange for tack and weld-out - no tools needed. Features Acme threads for maximum clamping power. Hardened steel ensures long-lasting use. Simple operation. Hole Diam : 5/8 in - 1 5/8 in Includes : Two Pins SKU Material Pin Type 432-781235 Steel Qwik MEASURING & LEVELING TOOLS ORSNASCO.COM

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