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438 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction STRETCH WRAPS StretchFlex HWII Hand Grade Films Features: Aggressive cling ensures that there will be no unsightly tails and that your load will stay together. Excellent load retention lets you wrap your load with less film and feel confident that your product arrives safely. Superior elongation provides you with lower cost. Traditional sizes of 12", 15" and 18" are preferred by many of our existing customers. With excellent puncture resistance, Stretch Flex HWll can wrap even your most irregularly shaped loads. Height : 1.568 in Thickness Size : 17.8 Micron Color : Clear SKU Length Width 761-HR1781800-00 0.964 in; 1,500 ft 0.964 in; 18 in StretchFlex HWIV Hand Grade Films Features: Elevated load retention provides consistent wraps for everyday usage. Ensures that you can wrap irregular loads. Exceptional elongation provides you with the economy and value you need. Good puncture resistance. IPG's cast stretch film features "quiet unwind" and secure cling, eliminating the distracting noise many films generate. Superior optics mean your product will be easily recognized and can be electronically scanned in the distribution process. Traditional sizes available in a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate most of your needs. Thickness Size : 80 Micron Color : Clear SKU Length Width 761-HF2031800-00 1500 ft 15 in WHEELS & CASTERS Heavy-Duty Casters Features: Durable construction. Set includes a pair of fixed and pair of swiveling casters. SKU Type Wt. Wheel Diam 217-1-320990 2 Fixed; 2 Swivel 15 lb 4 in 217-1-321990 2 Fixed; 2 Swivel 19 lb 6 in Liquid Transfer Tanks Features: Heavy-duty, reinforced steel construction for long term durability. Full center baffles for extra strength, 2 in NPT reinforced bungs and tie-down bar for stability. Lockable cap and coupler allow outside venting. Filter system recommended. Test & Approvals : Tanks Meet D.O.T. Requirements for Combustible Fuels Only; Tanks are Not Designed For and Do Not Meet D.O.T. Requirements for Flammable Fuels Length : 45 1/4 in Width : 23 1/4 in Height : 24 in Material : Steel Includes : Recessed Handles; EZ-Loader Skid Bolsters; Site Vault Security System; Grip-Rite Lifting Channel SKU Capacity Vol. Shape 217-484000 100 gal Rectangle Storage Containers ActionPacker Storage Containers Features: Durable weather-resistant construction. Tough, lockable latches. Stackable containers easily tie down with bungee cords. SKU Capacity Vol. Color Width Length 325-1170-04-38 8 gal Black 11.8 in 19.9 in; 14 1/2 in 325-1172-04-38 24 gal Black 16 15/16 in; 16 937 in 26 1/16 in; 18.563 in 325-1191-01-38 35 gal Black 16 3/8 in 34 1/2 in; 18 1/2 in 325-1192-01-38 48 gal Black 17 5/32 in; 17.156 in 43 3/4 in; 20 1/2 in MATERIAL HANDLING ORSNASCO.COM

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