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428 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Stretchers Standard Fence Stretcher-Splicers Features: Splice, stretch, and reposition wire. For high tensile, smooth or barbed wire. Material : Steel Length : 33.38 in Used With : Fencing SKU Type Operating Type 250-400 Fence Stretcher-Splicer Ratchet JACKS, LIFTS & HYDRAULICS Hydraulic Oils Features: Maximum pump volumetric efficiency. Maximum internal heat transfer. Prevents pump cavitation. Additives prevent rust, oxidation and sludge. High viscosity index. Maximum film protective lubricity. Pour Point : -25 F Flash Point : 400 F Capacity Vol. : 1 gal SKU 277-HF-101 Hydraulic Tools Model "C" Replacement Parts Features: A large variety of replacement parts are offered for each model of manual hydraulic wire rope cutters. Maintain your cutter in top working condition. SKU Type 505-C62 Cutter Repair Kit Cable Ratchet Hoist-Winches Features: Exclusive drum anchor - swaged ball shank terminal locks cable securely in drum and allows for full extension of cable. Proprietary reversible handle - always a downward pull, switches positions in seconds. Cable end has hydraulically crimped copper sleeve. Interlocking pawl system will not slip. Self-storing aircraft cable. Self lubricating bearings. SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/ Take-Up Pull Force Material 447-1000-15SH 1/2 tons 15 ft 77 lbf Aluminum Alloy 447-1500-25SH 3/4 tons 25 ft 65 lbf Aluminum Alloy 447-2250-20SH 1 1/8 tons 20 ft 83 lbf Aluminum Alloy 447-3000-10SH 1 1/2 tons 10 ft 97 lbf Aluminum Alloy 447-3000-30SH 1 1/2 tons 30 ft 97 lbf Aluminum Alloy 447-4000-20SH 2 tons 20 ft 110 lbf Aluminum Alloy Power Pull Hoists Features: Precision-cast aluminum alloy ratchet wheel - one piece construction. Interlocking, precision fit, steel alloy pawls with safety spacer sleeve. Drop-forged steel slip hooks with OSHA recommended safety latches. Heavy gauge steel, reinforced ratchet guard. Trouble free, "Notch-At-A-Time" letdown. Permanent, comfortable, non-slip grip. Material : Aluminum Alloy SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 453-144S-6 1 tons 12 ft 453-144SB-6 2 tons 6 ft The More Power Puller Features: Solid ductile iron construction. More built-in safety factors than other brands. Easily field repairable and inexpensive to maintain. Pull Force : 4,000 lbf Handle Length : 18 in SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 862-2-20 2 tons 20 ft MATERIAL HANDLING ORSNASCO.COM

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