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426 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction JLH Series Lever Hoists Features: Overload protection and ship yard hooks available on select models. All steel construction. Compact design. Heat-treated load plate. Grade 100 plated load chain. Cast-steel safety latches. Alloy steel hook rotates 360 degrees for easy rigging applications and slowly stretches to indicate an overload situation. Test & Approvals : Complies with OSHA, ANSI/ASME B30.21 and HST-3 Standards; Each lever hoist is tested at the factory, and is supplied with a test certificate No. of Falls : 1 Material : Steel SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/ Take-Up Pull Force Head Room Handle Length 825-210010 1 tons 10 ft 79 lbf 11.80 in 9 5/8 in 825-215010 1.6 tons 10 ft 75 lbf 13.10 in 10 3/8 in 825-215015 1.6 tons 15 ft 75 lbf 13.10 in 10 3/8 in JLP Mini Pullers - 1/4 Ton Features: Weston Style Dual Pawl Brake System- Dual pawl design increases safety by splitting the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security. Alloy Steel Hooks- Industrial rated hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging. Hooks slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation increasing jobsite safety. Durability. Heat Treated Load Plates- Heat treated for durability, these extend the life of the hoist in industrial environments. Grade 80 Load Chain- Grade 80 black oxide coated load chain for durability. All Steel Construction- Impact resistant covers that provide durability and protection. Standards. Industry- Complies with OSHA Regulations, ASNI / ASME B30.21 and HST-3 Standards. Certification- Factory tested to 125% of capacity with load test certificate. No. of Falls : 1 Head Room : 8.27 in Handle Length : 5.91 in Material : Steel SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 825-187741 551 lb 10 ft. C-Series Wire Pullers Features: Overload safety handle is designed to deform when capacity rating is exceeded. Lightweight aluminum frame, alloy steel load hook with safety latches and one piece cast aluminum drum. Buttress tooth design improves load gear life. Solid steel drive and holding dog, not laminated plates. Galvanized aircraft-quality wire rope. Ratchet and pawl system provides safe, one-notch-at-a-time lowering. Cable guide and shield protects wire rope and spools cable evenly on drum. Reversible handle changes position easily, so pull is always possible in the right direction, against the load. Plated external parts for corrosion resistance. No. of Falls : 2 Pull Force : 62 lbs Head Room : 17 in SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 383-C400H 3,400 lb 20 ft P-Series Wire Pullers Features: Preformed galvanized aircraft quality wire rope prevents kinks. 4:1 design factor. Heavy gauge plated rotating drop forged steel hooks ease operation. Through drum anchor spools evenly while rewinding. Test & Approvals : Meets ASME B30.21 Head Room : 18 in SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 383-P15D3H 2,000 lb 15 ft Come-Along Hand Power Units Features: Grab hook on one end. This unit takes up a link of chain at a time. Material : Steel SKU Wt. Cap. Lifting Height/Take-Up 661-STANDARD 2,750 lb 5 ft MATERIAL HANDLING ORSNASCO.COM

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