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423 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Ratchet Tie-Down Straps Features: Hi-Test webbing is abrasion-resistant, won't rot or mildew, and maximizes strength. Ratchet provides greater tension with minimal force. Safety-first, spring-loaded release mechanism prevents ratchet from opening accidentally. SKU End Type Width Length Load Cap. Color Resistance 130-05519 Double-J Hooks 1 3/4 in 15 ft 5,000 lb Yellow Abrasion 130-04622 Double-J Hooks 2 in 27 ft 10,000 lb Yellow Abrasion 130-04623 Flat Hooks 2 in 27 ft 10,000 lb Yellow Abrasion 130-04926 Flat Hooks 4 in 30 ft 15,000 lb Yellow/ Black Weather 130-05514 S-Hooks 1 in 14 ft 1,500 lb Purple - Rubber Straps Features: Compounded EPDM rubber will not crack, rot or lose rebound qualities. It is low temperature resistant-- nonbrittle to -40F. Strong hooks will not bend, break or rust under normal use. Color : Black Resistance : Corrosive; Sunlight; Ozone; Weather SKU End Type Width Length 130-06219 Steel Hooks 0.75 in 19 in 130-06224 Steel Hooks 24 in 130-06235 Steel Hooks 35 in Tarp Straps Features: Heavy-duty tear drop design. Closed end hooks. Length : 15 in Color : Black SKU End Type 638-2215EPDMN S Hooks Tarp Ties Features: Durable tarp ties that hold tarps securely in place and provide constant tension. Reinforced ends give added life. Tarp ties come with S-Hooks attached. Length : 25 1/4 in Load Cap. : 14.3 lbs Color : Black SKU End Type Width 638-2221EPDMN S-Hooks 0.74 in Screw Pin Anchor Shackles Features: All shackle bodies and pins are forged from alloy steel, heat treated and tempered. All shackles are marked with size (inches and millimeters) and working load limit in tons. Ultimate strength equals 5 times working load limit. Bolt, nut & cotter shackles have thread protected ends and are 100% proof tested. Painted shackles are orange. Standard industry tolerances apply. Built-in Distortion Detectors (3/8" - 2"). When ordering, specify galvanized (G) or painted (P). Test & Approvals : Meets all Requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271D Amendment 1 except as noted Locking Type : Threaded Pin SKU Bail Size Working Load Limit Opening Size 490-M650P 1/2 in 6,000 lb 0.84 in 490-M651P 5/8 in 9,000 lb 1.06 in 490-M652P 3/4 in 13,000 lb 1.28 in 490-M653P 7/8 in 17,000 lb 1.44 in 490-M654P 1 in 20,000 lb 1.72 in 490-M656P 1 1/4 in 28,000 lb 2.03 in 490-M657P 1 5 in 40,000 lb 2.41 in Slings Pro-Edge Web Slings Features: A versatile sling for general use. Use in choker, basket or vertical hitches. Color : Yellow Ply : 2 End Type : Eye & Eye Material : Nylon SKU Length Width 439-EE292x6N 9 in 2 in 439-EE292x8N 9 in 2 in Straps & Bungee Cords Heavy-Duty Bungee Cords Features: Industrial strength cord with corrosion resistant dichromate hooks. 100% more rubber inside. 3Xs the tension of regular bungee cord. Color : Black Resistance : Corrosion; UV SKU End Type Width Length 130-06180 Dichromate Hooks 24 in 130-06182 Dichromate Hooks 32 in MATERIAL HANDLING 1.800.678.6577

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