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418 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction 1014 Series Latched Swivel Hoist Hooks Features: All hooks are drilled for latch kits. Designed only to retain slings and rigging attachments. Not designed to support the load. Bail Size : 1 1/4 in Working Load Limit : 11 tons Overall Length : 15 in Eye Outer Size : 5 5/8 in Distance Between Points of Lift (Headroom) : 11 1/2 in Inner Length : 2 3/4 in Inner Width : 3 1/8 in Material : Alloy Steel Finish : Painted Orange Mounting : Swivel Eye SKU Hook Size Hook Opening 193-3953115IL 11 2 in Cam-Alloy "J" Hooks Features: Durable forged alloy steel construction. Proof tested to withstand two times the working load limit. Self colored finish. Test & Approvals : Proof Tested in Accordance with the Applicable ASTM, NACM, OSHA, and AISI/ ASME Requirements Distance Between Points of Lift (Headroom) : 4.380 in Material : Alloy Steel Mounting : Eye Type : Fixed Hoisting Hook SKU Bail Size Working Load Limit 193-5616215 15/32 in 2,250 lb S Hooks Features: After engaging chain, close the "S" hook as shown to prevent disengagement. Do not use for overhead lifting. For attaching accessories to chain. uses exclude overhead lifting. Inner Length : 1 13/16 in Material : Carbon Steel SKU Trade Size Wire Diam Working Load Limit Finish 193-6106024 60 0.187 in 35 lb Electro-Galvanized Zinc 193-6107014 70 0.219 in 100 lb Bright Hooks 473 Series Clevis Grab Hooks Features: Designed to grab and hold a chain link in place. not for lifting personnel. Hook Opening : 1/2 in Jaw Opening : 17/32 in Pin Size : 7/16 in Distance Between Points of Lift (Headroom) : 2 1/4 in SKU Chain Size Working Load Limit 193-4503515 3/8 in 7,100 lb Grade 80 Clevis Grab Hooks Features: Cotter pin retained load pins. Not recommended for overhead lifting in sling application. SKU Chain Size Working Load Limit 490-M806A 3/8 in 7,100 lb Magnetic Hanging Hooks Features: Perfect for temporary holding of lines, hoses, lights, tools, or loose nuts and bolts. For use around the job site or shop. Quickly secure and hold just about anything, anywhere. Attaches to flat or round surfaces with ease. The perfect universal tool for quick connect-disconnect hanger. Hook Opening : 1 in SKU Working Load Limit 474-8100006 40 lbs MATERIAL HANDLING ORSNASCO.COM

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