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408 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MATERIAL HANDLING Brackets Features: Designed to hold cylinders firmly in place. Lined with rubber insert prevents from rattling. Hinged bracket for easy access to cylinder for installing or removal. Width : 2 in SKU Color Material Dia 910-CH-106 Yellow Steel 6 1/2 in - 7 1/4 in 910-CH-108 Yellow Steel 8 in - 8 3/4 in Gas Cylinder Holder Features: Heavy-duty steel brace keeps gas cylinder firmly in place. Rubber padding reduces friction and provides reliable, tight grip. Dia : 8 in - 8 3/4 in SKU Color Material 900-CYH-108 Silver Steel Cylinder Caps Features: Easy access to the valve handle with no need to remove the protective cap and replace regulators each time access to cylinder is needed. Comes with a lock for extra security. Comes in safety yellow for added visibility. SKU Color Material Dia 339-SC2FNNP-12 Yellow Steel - 3 1/2 in 339-SC8FNNP-12 Yellow Steel - 3 1/8 in Cylinder Carts & Trucks Cryogenic Use Single- Cylinder Carts Features: Heavy-duty style frame. Ratchet style hook. SKU Width Height Wheel Type 021-87U-4S 28 in 46 in Pneumatic 021-87U-4 28 in 46 in Solid CARTS & TRUCKS Cylinder Cart Parts & Accessories Cylinder Holders Features: The rubber gasket on the inside of the holder, eliminates all concern of friction and noise. The yoke is welded to the cylinder holder and is fastened to the bracket with (2) 3/4" long and 5/16" bolts, lock washers and nuts. The holder is hinged and swings back giving you access to the tank much quicker and easier than chains and makeshift methods. SKU Color Material Dia 344-TH-109 Silver; Black Steel; Rubber Gasket 9 in - 9 3/4 in 344-TH-106 Silver; Black Steel; Rubber Gasket 6 1/2 in - 7 1/4 in 344-TH-107 Silver; Black Steel; Rubber Gasket 7 1/4 in - 8 in 344-TH-108 Silver; Black Steel; Rubber Gasket 8 in - 8 3/4 in 344-TH-112 Silver, Black !2 gauge pickled/oiled steel 13 in Cylinder Wall Brackets Features: Reinforced bracket. Bolts securely to walls. All-welded steel construction. Width : 22 in SKU Color Material Depth 021-WB200 Green Steel 7 in 021-WB200C Green Steel 6 in Multiple Cylinder Stands Features: Designed for multiple cylinder storage when mobility is not a factor. All-welded steel construction. Newly designed tubular frame ensures strength and durability. Length : 19.5 in Width : 10.5 in Depth : 12.5 in SKU Color Material 021-6040 Green Steel ORSNASCO.COM

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