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406 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MARKING TOOLS Tempilstik Temperature Indicators Features: Rugged and easy-to-use temperature indicator is a solid, reliable choice for everyday usage. Simple to use, with no gauges or electronics. No calibration is required. Has a unique slip-resistant metal holder, specifically engineered for smooth operation and maximum user control. Superior quality ensures that temperature indicator is free of contaminants such as sulfur, lead and halogens. Efficient indicator provides fast results, reducing set up and down time. Test & Approvals : NIST Traceable Accuracy : 1% SKU Temp. Range Length 719-TS0100 100 F 6 in 719-TS0125 125 F 6 in 719-TS0150 150 F 6 in 719-TS0175 175 F 6 in 719-TS0200 200 F 6 in 719-TS0225 225 F 6 in 719-TS0250 250 F 6 in 719-TS0300 300 F 6 in 719-TS0350 350 F 6 in 719-TS0400 400 F 6 in 719-TS0450 450 F 6 in 719-TS0463 463 F 6 in 719-TS0475 475 F 6 in 719-TS0500 500 F 6 in 719-TS0525 525 F 6 in 719-TS0550 550 F 6 in 719-TS0600 600 F 6 in 719-TS0650 650 F 6 in 719-TS0700 700 F 6 in 719-TS1000 1,000 F 6 in 719-TS1100 1,100 F 6 in Tempilstik Test Kits Features: Consists of twenty 5 in temperature indicating crayons, each with its own holder. For welders who frequently weld different types of heat treated alloy steels in various thicknesses, and need to know precise pre-heat and inter-pass temperatures. Ideal for preheating, interpass, and post-weld temperature maintenance. No set-up or calibration time required for quick operation. The original temperature indicating stick quickly and accurately melts when in contact with a surface at the rated temperature. Test & Approvals : NIST Traceable; ANSI/ASME Code B31.1 and B31.3; ASME Code Sec. I, III and VIII; Meets AWS D1.1 Accuracy : +/- 1% SKU Temp. Range 719-TSTK 800 F TEMPERATURE INDICATORS Certified Thermomelt Sticks Features: Available in 21 exact temperatures ratings from 100F to 650F, Certified Thermomelts are accurate to within +/- 1% of the rated temperature. Ideal for applications such as annealing, forging, welding, bending, forming and any place where temperature measuring is necessary. Ideal for use in nuclear power generation facilities such as shipbuilding, atomic energy, or anywhere that nuclear certification is required. New Certified Thermomelt Heat Stik are specifically analyzed and certified to contain low concentrations of halogens, sulfur, and low melting point metals (less than 250ppm). Test & Approvals : Meets ANSI/ASME Code B32.1 & B31.3, AWS D1.1 and ASME Code Sec. I, III and VII, NIST Traceable Accuracy : 1% SKU Temp. Range Length 434-89200 200 F 4 1/2 in Thermomelt Sticks Features: Accurate, fast, low-cost method for measuring surface temperatures. Thermomelt Stik features a stainless steel holder with pocket clip for convenient, easy use. 33% bigger and stronger. Test & Approvals : Meets ANSI/ASME CODE B31, & B31.3, AWS D1.1 and ASME Code Sec. I, III and VII, NIST Traceable Accuracy : 1% SKU Temp. Range Length 434-86400 100 F 4 1/2 in 434-86463 150 F 4 1/2 in 434-86517 200 F 4 1/2 in 434-86544 225 F 4 1/2 in 434-86562 250 F 4 1/2 in 434-86625 300 F 4 1/2 in 434-86697 350 F 4 1/2 in 434-86733 400 F 4 1/2 in 434-86769 450 F 4 1/2 in ORSNASCO.COM

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