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402 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MARKING TOOLS PENCILS Carpenter Pencils Features: Lays down a traditional rich black mark. It's easy to see, easy to sharpen, smooth marking, and long lasting. Made in the U.S.A. Color : Red Pencil w/Graphite Core Length : 7 in SKU Type Lead Grade 464-19972 Flat Core Medium Carpenter Pencils Features: Premium quality. Flat lead design for easier marking. Makes clean, accurate marks on wood and other surfaces. Color : Gray Length : 7 in SKU Lead Grade 434-96928 Medium Silver-Streak and Red-Riter Welder's Pencils Features: Economical, high-strength pencil is ideal for marking all types of metal surfaces - even oily, rusty or wet surfaces. Marks resistant to torch flames, will not rub off or burn off like soapstone. Highly visible marks illuminate when cutting or welding. Durable marks will not scratch or abrade metal surfaces. Hexagonal shape reduces barrel roll. Pre-sharpened pencils can be easily resharpened with any standard pencil sharpener. Available in two highly visible colors: red for aluminum or other bright metals, silver for darker surfaces. SKU Type Color 434-96100 Welding Accessories Red 434-96101 Welding Accessories Silver Permanent Markers Features: Put your mark on the world, with a sturdy marker that marks on most hard-to-mark surfaces. Fade and water resistant ink further extends multiple project uses. Quick drying, non-toxic alcohol based ink formula. Tip Size : 1 mm Tip Type : Fine SKU Color Quantity 652-30001 Black 12 652-30101 Black 6 Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers Features: Industrial strength for huge marking jobs. Water-resistant ink dries quickly. Marks on wet and oily surfaces. Oversized tip for extra wide lines. Extra-large ink supply for big projects. Tip Size : King Tip Type : Chisel SKU Color 586-44101PP Black Uni -Paint Opaque Oil-Based Paint Markers Features: High quality oil-based markers are acid free. Markers dry opaquely on glass, wood, ceramics, china, leather, cement and practically any other surface. Ink won't bleed through heavyweight paper. Permanent and quick-drying ink. Ink is weather-proof and fade-proof for long-lasting durability. SKU Color Physical Form Tip Size Tip Type 586-63601 Black Paint 4.5 mm Bullet 586-63603 Blue Paint 4.5 mm Bullet 586-63602 Red Paint 4.5 mm Bullet 586-63613 White Paint 4.5 mm Bullet 652-63735 Yellow Paint 3/8 in Broad Line 586-63605 Yellow Paint 4.5 mm Bullet ORSNASCO.COM

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