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399 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MARKING TOOLS Feltip Paint Markers Features: Permanent marks withstand heat and weathering. Replaceable tips available. Writes on any surface: porous/non-porous, rough/smooth/rusty, wet/oily/dry. Tip Size : 1/8 in Tip Type : Standard Temp Range : 600 F SKU Color Physical Form 436-00350 White Liquid 436-00351 Yellow Liquid Galvanizer's Feltip Paint Markers Features: Permanent paint marks are automatically removed by the pickling bath prior to galvanizing. Writes on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Writes on rough , rusty or smooth surfaces. Tip Size : 1/8 in SKU Color Physical Form 436-00570 White Liquid Low Chloride Feltip Paint Markers Features: Meets purity specifications for stainless steel and nuclear components. Writes on rough or smooth surfaces. Marks withstand heat and weathering. Tip Size : 1/8 in Length : 5 3/4 in SKU Color Physical Form Temp Range 436-00392 Black Liquid 600 F 436-00390 White Liquid 500 F 436-00391 Yellow Liquid 600 F Metal Markers Features: Uses polyurethane paint to produce tough weather-proof, chip-resistant marks. Writes on rough, smooth or rusty surfaces. Writes on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Length : 6 in Tip Type : Ball Temp Range : 1200 F SKU Color Physical Form Tip Size 436-00200 White Liquid 5/64 in 436-00201 White Liquid 1/8 in Stylmark Tube Markers Features: Durable steel ball tip marks on smooth or rough surfaces. Marks with real paint and dries in 5 minutes. All colors are low in chloride making them safe for marking stainless steel and nuclear applications. Marks on vertical or overhead surfaces without running or dripping. Durable Steel ball tip is resistant to very rough surfaces for long marking life. The aluminum squeeze tube and thick paint makes it suitable for rough, vertical and overhead surfaces with excellent adhesion on oily and wet surfaces. Xylene-free paint reduces user health risks. Tip Size : 1/8 in Length : 0.97 in Tip Type : Metal Ball Point Temp Range : -50 F - 158 F SKU Color Physical Form 434-96652 White Liquid Valve Action Paint Markers Features: New and improved specially formulated paint for industrial applications. Xylene-free paint meets or exceeds major safety regulations such as California Prop 65, EPA HAPS and SARA 313. Faster drying paint reduces smears and removed marks while allowing almost immediate handling of marked items. Now all colors are low in chlorides and halogenated compounds, eliminating the need for a separate marker for the stainless steel fabrication and nuclear power industries. Dura-Nib bullet tip allows writing on rougher surfaces than conventional nibs and holds up better in tough applications. New ClipGrip Cap's knurled design enables users to easily remove it when wearing gloves or even with oily, greasy hands. Test & Approvals : Meets California VOC Regulations Tip Size : 1/8 in Tip Type : Medium Temp Range : -50 F - 150 F SKU Color Physical Form 434-96832 Aluminum Liquid 434-96823 Black Liquid 434-96825 Blue Liquid 434-96826 Green Liquid 434-96824 Orange Liquid 434-96822 Red Liquid 434-96800 White Liquid 434-96820 White Liquid 434-96801 Yellow Liquid 434-96821 Yellow Liquid 1.800.678.6577

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