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397 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction MARKING TOOLS High Purity Fine Markers Features: Paint will not contaminate or adversely affect surface being marked. Low in chlorides. A lightweight marker that writes fine, distinctive markings. It features a clip cap so it's easy to secure in your pocket. Tip Type : Bullet SKU Color Physical Form Tip Size 253-33404 Black Liquid Fine 253-33729 White - Fine RINZ OFF Water Removable Temporary Markers Features: Ideal for quality control, part assembly, identification, site inspection and more. Color code for different operators/shifts, parts placement or reject/accept. No ghosting or bleed-through of removed mark when painted over. Will not react with paint systems. Makes marks or "touches" that can be easily removed with water or in a water bath. Drying Time: 45 seconds - 1 minute. Tip Size : Medium SKU Color 253-91757 Yellow Ball Paint Marker Features: Marks with real paint, dries in 5 minutes. Durable metal ball tip marks on smooth or rough surfaces. Marks are weather- and fade-resistant. Stores in pocket for easy access. Plastic cap keeps tip clean between jobs. Lead-free, non-toxic. Unbreakable plastic bottle with 1/8" steel ball tip. Tip Size : 1/8 in Tip Type : Metal Ball Point Temp Range : -50 F - 150 F SKU Color Physical Form 434-84620 White Liquid 434-84621 Yellow Liquid DYKEM Hi-Spot Features: Intensely blue, soft, uniform paste that spreads easily and evenly to show high spots on bearings. It's most valuable when used on flat bearing surfaces of lathes, planers, milling machines, etc. A thin coating may be left on the surface day in and day out, and will not dry out. The film remains "wet" and "transferable", and in condition for months. No night clean-up or morning rebluing is necessary. Non-hardening. Transfers from one surface to another. Saves valuable time and money in surface scraping work. SKU Color Physical Form 253-83307 Blue Paste Dykem TEXPEN Industrial Paint Markers Features: Stainless steel-ball tip writes through oil, grease and underwater. Marker stands out for its distinctive fine, medium and bold oil-based paint markings. Rugged aluminum body. Paint flow bulb controls paint flow and allows marking on upside down surfaces. Write sharp, defined, bright marks on any surface including metal, plastic, glass, concrete, rubber and more. Tip Size : 3/32 in Tip Type : Medium SKU Color Physical Form Temp Range 253-16083 White Paint -20 F - 105 F 253-16063 Yellow Paint Marker -20 F - 105 F High Purity 44 Markers Features: Paint will not contaminate or adversely affect surface being marked. Low in chlorides. Valve action fiber tip. Dye and pigment based ink. Threaded end can be screwed into a jig or apparatus for continuous identification application. Test & Approvals : Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of the US Energy Research & Development Administration's Nuclear Grade SKU Color Tip Size Tip Type Flash Point 253-44404 Black Medium Bullet 89F- 108F 253-44534 Blue Medium Bullet 108F- 253-44301 Red Medium Bullet 108F 253-44729 White Medium Bullet 108F 253-44916 Yellow Medium Bullet - 108F 1.800.678.6577

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