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389 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction WypAll X80 Towels Features: Maintains strength in solvent as well as laundered shop towels. Absorbs more oil and water faster pound for pound than laundered shop towels. Made using patented Hydroknit Fast Absorbing Material. Reusable, durable, and extremely absorbent. SKU Quantity Packing Type 412-41026 50 per pack Box 412-05930 80 per box 5 boxes per case 412-41048 80 per box Box 412-41041 160 per box Box 412-41044 160 per box Box 412-41025 475 per roll 1 roll per case 412-41043 475 per roll 1 roll per case 412-41055 475 per roll Roll Balbriggan Lightweight Knit Towels Features: Durable absorbent rags that won't scratch. Ideal for furniture or anywhere else a cloth wiper is needed. Made from lightweight cotton. SKU Quantity Packing Type 552-101-50 25 lb per carton Box 552-101-25 50 lb per carton Box Color Knit T-Shirt Polo Cotton Wiping Rags Features: Cotton t-shirt material. General purpose. SKU Quantity Packing Type 552-118-25 Contingent on how many custom-cut rags add up to 25 lb Box WypAll X50 Wipers Features: Combines versatile performance with economical design for light-duty tasks. Reinforced for wet and dry strength, smaller sheet size means less waste. SKU Quantity Packing Type 412-35015 1,100 per roll Roll WypAll X60 Wipers Features: Brings the absorbing power of Hydrokint technology to a lighter weight wiper. Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power. Tough enough for big jobs, soft enough for face and hands. No adhesives or binders. SKU Quantity Packing Type 412-34790 126 per box Box 412-35411 130 per roll Roll 412-34015 180 per box Box 412-34955 1,100 per roll Roll 412-34965 1,100 per roll Roll WypAll X70 Workhorse Rags Features: Durable, absorbent rags that stay strong for better cleaning performance. Reusable, long lasting performance. Cleans oil, grime, and solvents. Made with our high-tech Hydroknit Fast Absorbing Material. SKU Quantity Packing Type 412-41200 76 per pack Pack 412-41412 100 per box Box 412-41455 100 per box Box 412-41300 152 per box Box 412-41600 870 per roll Roll JANITORIAL EQUIPMENT 1.800.678.6577

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