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380 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Linear Low-Density Economy Ecosac Liners Features: Star seal bottom prevents vacuum at bottom of container that can restrict easy lifting. All resins are 100% recyclable, inks and colorants are heavy-metal free. Height : 60 in Color : Black SKU Capacity Vol. Width Thickness Grade Quantity 299-ECO60H 55 gal 38 in 1 mil XX-Heavy 100 per case 299-ECO60SXH 55 gal 38 in 2 mil Super/Extra-Heavy 50 per case Industrial Drum Liners Features: Industrial strength drum liners feature a star seal bottom that helps prevent leakage. Low-density polyethylene provides excellent resistance to punctures and tearing. Height : 63 in Thickness : 2.7 mil Color : Black Grade : Super Extra-Heavy Quantity : 50 per roll SKU Capacity Vol. Width 574-D38634BN 60 gal 38 in Industrial Strength Low-Density Commercial Can Liners Features: Provides industrial-strength puncture and tear resistance. Star-seal bottom helps prevent leaks. Individually folded for quick and easy dispensing. Height : 58 in Thickness : 0.7 mil Color : Black Grade : Extra-Heavy Quantity : 100 per carton SKU Capacity Vol. Width 574-L3858H 60 gal 38 in Trash Can Accessories Brute Dollies Features: Swivel casters afford easy mobility through the workplace. Easy twist-on, twist-off action. Non-marking caster construction. SKU For Model 640-2640-BLK 2620; 2632; 2643; 2655 Brute Round Container Lids Features: Snap-on lids for secure and stable stacking. Built in handles. Test & Approvals : USDA Approved SKU For Model 640-2654-G 2655 NiftyNabber Pro Features: All-purpose grabber for universal trash removal. No bending, no backaches - even out-of-reach items can be easily removed. Powerful claws grip small and oddly shaped objects. SKU 861-NN900 Trash Can Liners ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags Features: Unique ForceFlex diamond texture stretches to prevent rips, tears and leaks. Durable bag protects against leaks and kitchen trash messes. Drawstring grips the can so the bag stays in place. Made with Iess plastic than other flex-type plastic bags. Color : White SKU Capacity Vol. Width Height Thickness 158-70427 13 gal 24 in 25 1/8 in 0.9 mil JANITORIAL EQUIPMENT ORSNASCO.COM

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