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372 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction SCRUBS Hand Cleaner Towels Features: Heavy-duty, premoistened, textured towels. Towels lock in dirt and will not transfer soils back onto hands. Leaves hands clean, no rinsing necessary. SKU Packing Type Quantity 253-42272 Wet Wipe Bucket 72 per pail 253-42230 Wet Wipe Container 30 per container All Purpose Hand Cleaners Features: Liquifies and gently lifts grease, grime and stains from the hands safely without water. Leaves the hands cleaned, conditioned and without the greasy feeling and strong odors of competive brands. The lanolin and skin care emollients help heal rough, dry and overused hands. SKU Packing Type Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. 407-101P Plastic Container - 4 lb 5 oz 407-109 Plastic Pail 1 gal - 407-105 Squeeze Tube 14 oz 15 oz Citrus Blue Features: Formulated with nature's natural d-Limonene solvent for safe cleaning, balanced skin conditioning and the fresh scent of citrus. A distinctive blue color to bring a new level of cleaning the smell of work off your hands. SKU Packing Type Odor/Scent Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. Quantity 407-501-P Plastic Container Citrus 4.5 lb 4 1/2 lb 6 per pack 407-505 Squeeze Tube Citrus 14 oz 14 oz 12 per pack Hand Scrub Features: A polyethylene scrubber. Consistent particle size blends evenly and thoroughly. The polyethylene is round and smooth, unlike the jagged edges of pumice and sand. The scrubbing process is a safer, more gentle method. SKU Packing Type Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. Quantity 407-401P Plastic Container 4 lb 5 oz 4 1/2 lb 6 per case 407-405 Squeeze Tube 14 oz 15 oz 12 per case Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes Features: Handy, sanitizing wipes kill 99.99% of the most common, illness-causing germs. Works in as little as 15 seconds. Non-linting, durable wipe sanitizes hands while wiping away light soils and dirt. Odor/Scent : Citrus Color : White Quantity : 270 per canister SKU 315-9113-06 RICH PINK Antibacterial Lotion Soaps Features: A high-performance, gentle antibacterial lotion soap. For cleaning light soils. Test & Approvals : USDA E4 Authorization Capacity Vol. : 2,000 mL SKU Packing Type Odor/Scent 315-7220-04 Bag-in-Box Citrus Scrubbing Wipes Features: Clean the toughest soils, whenever, wherever - no water needed. These extra large, dual textured wipes contain a scrubbing side for removing tough grease, tar and adhesives and a smooth side for quick dirt absorption. Contain skin conditioners to help prevent dryness and irritation. Test & Approvals : USDA E4 Authorization SKU Packing Type Odor/Scent Quantity 315-6398-02 Bucket Orange 170 per bucket 315-6396-06 Canister Orange 72 per container SUPRO MAX Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Features: Fast and effective lotion hand cleaner removes tough or sticky soils and adhesives. Unique blend of cleaners and gentle scrubbers. Ideal for plant-wide use, body shops or wherever difficult soils are found. Apply to dry hands, then rinse. Non-drying formula. SKU Packing Type Odor/Scent Capacity Vol. Quantity 315-7272-04 Bag-in-Box Floral-herbal 2,000 mL 4 per case 315-7572-02 Bag-in-Box Floral-herbal 5,000 mL 2 per case JANITORIAL EQUIPMENT ORSNASCO.COM

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