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369 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Feminine Product Disposal Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Liners Features: Convenient sanitary napkin receptacle liners allow for clean and safe disposal of sanitary products in women's washrooms. Wax-coated and leak-resistant liners are a reliable choice for your sanitary napkin disposal needs. Height : 9 7/8 in Length : 9 3/4 in Width : 3 3/4 in SKU Type Material 640-6141-0000 Receptacle Bag Waxed Kraft Hand Cleaners Boraxo Powdered Hand Soaps Features: A select blend of quality soap and borax that is gentle on hands. Recognized for more than 100 years for its ability to gently scrub away the deepest grime. Contains no phosphates. SKU Odor/Scent 234-02203 Unscented Tub-O Towels Multi Purpose Towels Features: No water necessary. Contains lanolin, aloe vera & vitamin E. Kills germs. Capacity Vol. : 45 oz Quantity : 90 per dispenser SKU Odor/Scent 296-TW90 Orange Metal Paint Pails Features: Will not crack or leak. Will accommodate 4 inch paint brushes. Material : Electroplated metal Dia. : 7 3/8 in Bottom;8 1/2 in Top Color : Silver SKU Capacity Vol. Height 455-5QT 5 qt 6 1/4 in Brute Round Buckets Features: Brute buckets have molded-in graduations for accurate measuring. Corrosive resistant bails with comfortable plastic grip. Dia. : 10 1/2 in SKU Capacity Vol. Height Color 640-2963-GRAY 10 qt 10 1/4 in Gray 640-2963-RED 10 qt 10 1/4 in Red 640-2614-GRAY 14 qt 11 1/4 in Gray PERSONAL HYGIENE Body & Hair Shampoo Shower Up Soap & Shampoo Features: Rich hand, hair and body soap that provides a clean alternative to non-hygienic bar soaps. Ideal for use in health clubs and fitness centers. Test & Approvals : USDA E4 Authorization Capacity Vol. : 5,000 mL SKU Odor/Scent 315-7530-02 Pleasant JANITORIAL EQUIPMENT 1.800.678.6577

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