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367 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Microfiber Finish Mop Heads Features: Traditionally colored and optimally shaped for smooth, even application of floor finish. Foam liner controls liquid content and release. Dense 3 - 5 micrometer quality fiber removes more dust, dirt and microbes than conventional cleaning products. Advanced hook-and-loop backing-holds-up under harsh laundering conditions and attaches pads more securely. Durable pad construction. Third party tested tough-withstands more than 300 launderings. Material : Microfiber Used With : 18 in Quick Connect Frame Color : Blue; White Length : 18 in SKU Type Mop Size 640-Q800-00-WH Wet Mop Pad 18 in x 5 1/2 in x 1/2 in Swinger Loop Wet Mops Features: Compact, looped-end blended mop for general purpose mopping with greater floor coverage. Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn offers absorbency and strength. Fully launderable for long product life. Material : Cotton/Synthetic Used With : Invader Side Gate Wet Mop Handle (640-H116) Color : White Headband Size : 5 in SKU Type Mop Size 640-C153-06-W Wet Mop Head Large Cut-End Wet Mop Heads Features: Four-ply, cut-end yarn. Absorbent natural cotton fiber for general mopping. Rayon has immediate absorbency and wet release properties ideal for finishing. Standard heads use clamp style mop handles, lieflat heads use lieflat screw-in handles. Material : Cotton; Polyester Headband Used With : Clamp style mop handles Color : White Length : 6.376 in Headband Size : 1 1/4 in SKU Type Mop Size 871-2024C Value Standard Head #24 WaveBrake Bucket/Wringer Combination Packs Features: The WaveBrake technology reduces splashing, for a safer environment. Predominantly plastic, non-marking casters reduces touch-up cleaning. Smooth, easy to clean surfaces. Color : Yellow Length : 20 1/10 in Width : 15 7/10 in Height : 17.400 in SKU Capacity Vol. Mop Capacity 640-7580-88 35 qt 32 oz. Mop Heads Cotton Saddle Mop Heads Features: Economical mop head is perfect for everyday cleaning or industrial use. Cotton fibers are highly absorbent. Material : Cotton Used With : Wingnut; Quickway; Big Jaw Handles Color : White Headband Size : 1 1/4 in SKU Type Mop Size Length 103-32MPHD Saddle 32 oz. 19 in 103-24MPHD Saddle 24 oz. 21 in Brush Mop Head Features: Made of 4 ply highly absorbent, long wearing yarns. Mops are sewn 2 times. Material : 4 Ply Cotton Yarn Color : Orange Headband Size : 1 1/4 in SKU Type Mop Size 455-4724 Regular 24 oz. JANITORIAL EQUIPMENT 1.800.678.6577

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