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32 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Combidisc Non- Woven Discs Features: Sturdy non-woven discs are suitable for surface conditioning, contour grinding, and cleaning of metals or painted surfaces. Premium quality aluminum oxide abrasive. Color : Brown Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide SKU Speed Dia. 419-43242 5,000 rpm 3 in Non Woven Pad Abrasives Doodlebug Scrub 'n Strip Pad Features: Robust nylon/polyester scrubbing pad is ideal for tough jobs such as removing finish and wax buildup from baseboards, stairs or floor edges. Stands up to water, detergents and cleaner. Won't scratch surfaces. Abrasive Material : Polyester/Nylon Applications : Removing Finish; Wax Buildup Thickness : 1 in SKU Color 405-048011-08004 Brown Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scouring Pad Features: Use for everyday cleaning of most cooking utensils and equipment. Scours 2 to 3 times faster and lasts 2 to 3 times longer than comparable pads. Non-rusting and resilient, this synthetic pad is an ideal replacement for steel wool or stainless steel scrubbers. Abrasive Material : Synthetic Fiber SKU Color 405-048011-08293 Green Scotch-Brite PD Surface Conditioning Disc Features: A lofty, open non-woven abrasive disc resistant to loading on soft and/or oily materials. Contains a backing that mounts to hook and loop pads. Great for decorative finishes and cleaning applications. Load-resistant on soft metals and oily surfaces. Roloc for easy attachment. Color : Brown Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide SKU Speed Dia. 405-048011-19555 6000 rpm 7 in Carbo Surface Prep Non-Woven Discs Features: Non-woven surface prep discs are an excellent choice for light deburring and blending applications. New Clean Bond technology guarantees smear-free finishes. Will not load on aluminum and soft metals. Color : Black Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide SKU Dia. 481-05539554553 6 in Carbo Surface Prep Non-Woven Quick-Change Disc Features: Combination of strong synthetic mesh and quality abrasive. Enables aggressive cutting action and superb finishing. Ideal choice for deburring and blending jobs. Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide SKU Dia. Color 481-05539554470 2 in Blue 481-05539554466 2 in Maroon ABRASIVES ORSNASCO.COM

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