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319 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Scribes Features: Machined aluminum handles. Diamond knurling for comfortable and sure grip. Precision ground tungsten carbide scribe tips. Pocket clips and protective caps. Handle Diam : 5/16 in SKU Length Tip Material 422-KCSC 5 in Carbide 422-KPSC 4 1/2 in Tungsten Carbide Adjustable Sleeve Scribers Features: Compact scriber is held by adjustable knurled sleeve. Nickel-plated sleeve may be clamped near or away from working point. End Type : Straight Point; Bent Point Tip Material : Steel SKU Length 681-50321 8 in Pocket Scribers Features: Magnetic. All-in-one "Push-Click" SAFETY COVER on Tungsten Carbide. Sharp tungsten carbide tip cuts into hard surfaces, leaves clear mark on metal, glass, plastics and tools. End Type : Straight Point Tip Material : Tungsten Carbide SKU Length 758-1830 5 7/16 in Torx Screwdrivers TorqueVario Adjustable Screwdrivers Features: 6% accuracy. Handle sizes proportioned to optimize torque range with comfort. Audible Click at moment of torque. Automatically resets for next torque cycle. Tool has 50% more torque in reverse. Test & Approvals : Tested and Complies with EN ISO 6798, BS EN 26789, & AMSE B107.14M Handle Material : Cushion Grip SKU Tip Size Symbol 817-28506 4 mm SCRIBERS, PIN VISES & PICK SETS Scribers Fixed Two Point Scribers Features: Double-ended design features one straight and one 90 degree point, offering a full range of both conventional and unconventional applications. Use the straight point to mark bend lines for an air conditioning duct, or flip the tool around and use the 90 degree bend to remove an O-ring from a piece of equipment. Hardened and ground steel needle points are fixed to a knurled body. Tip Material : Hardened Steel SKU 318-80 Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Scribers Features: Marks hard materials including hardened steel, ceramics, and glass. Alnico permanent magnet for retrieving. Scribe point reverses for safety. Tip Material : Tungsten Carbide SKU 318-88CM 1.800.678.6577

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