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314 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Ups Features: Works well in confined spaces. Double ball joint neck allows limitless angle adjustments. Length : 5 1/2 in - 23 1/2 in SKU Material Shape 318-383NX Nickel-Plated Steel Telescoping w/Clip Magnetic Floor Sweepers Features: Clear parking areas, workshops, garages and more. Reduce the possibility of costly flat tires or personal injury, and decrease the time needed to clean up scattered ferrous metal material. SKU Material Load Cap. Width 456-MFSM24RX Steel (handle) 6 lb 30 1/4 in 456-MFSM24 Steel (handle) 7 1/2 lb 28 1/2 in Hand Lifters Features: Convenient hand lifter - Ideal for cutting tables, scrap and small steel handling. Rechargeable batteries. Manual on/off for sheet dragging and small steel lifting. Swivel handle. SKU Load Cap. 474-8100359 230 lb 474-8100403 911 lb 474-8100482 2029 lb 474-8800487 235 lb Magnetic Pick-Up Tools Features: Stainless steel telescoping handle is strong, long and lightweight. Pocket clip keeps it handy and secure. Comfortable textured cushion grip keeps handle secure even in wet or oily hands. SKU Material Length 758-HT-1 Stainless Steel (handle) 6 5/8 in - 33 1/4 in 758-HT-2 Stainless Steel (handle) 6 5/8 in - 33 1/4 in 758-HT-3 Stainless Steel (handle) 6 3/4 in - 30 1/4 in 758-1SR Steel 16 3/4 in - 26 3/4 in REAMING & DEBURRING TOOLS Reamers & Deburring Tools Swivel Head Deburring Tools Features: Two interchangeable blades. Aluminum handled tool is built for years of lasting, professional use. The swivel head provides easy deburring of round and uneven surfaces. Applicable Material : Aluminum; Copper; Plastic; Steel Type : Rotating Blade SKU 318-482 Pipe Reamers Features: No. 2-S spiral ratchet reamer is self-feeding spiral design for extra-fast and easy hand reaming. No. 2 and 3 ratchet reamers have long taper design that will not dig in. No. 254 spiral ratchet reamer has hollow center for reduced weight. SKU Tube O.D. Type 632-34945 1/8 in - 2 in Straight Reamer 632-34955 1/4 in - 2 in Spiral Reamer RETRIEVING TOOLS Magnetic Retrievers Shallow Pot Ceramic Magnets Features: Designed for use in tight spaces and have been predrilled for fastening rods or bolts. Heavy lifting capacities make them a great choice for use in industrial or professional settings. 9/32" diameter clearance hole. Dia. : 3 1/4 in Height : 7/16 in SKU Material Shape Load Cap. 318-376D Ceramic Magnet Round 50 lb ORSNASCO.COM

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