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310 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS PUTTY KNIVES & SCRAPERS Scraper Parts & Accessories Single-Edge Razor Blades Features: Sharp-cutting blades fit all standard scrapers. Long-wearing blades provide consistent high quailty and longer service life. SKU Includes 630-3272 100 blades per box Scrapers & Putty Knives Sidewalk Scrapers Features: Can also be used for heavy-duty tasks such as removing roofing, siding or flooring. Effective for scraping ice from sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces. Scraper features forged steel blade with wood handle. Blade Material : Forged Steel Handle Material : Hardwood SKU Blade Width Overall Length 027-1646200 7 in 53 in 027-1647800 7 in 53 in Putty Knives Features: Non-Sparking. Non-Magnetic. Corrosion resistant. Made in the USA. Beryllium-free. Test & Approvals : Factory Mutual Approved Blade Material : Metal Handle Material : Wood SKU Blade Width Overall Length 065-K-21 1 1/4 in 7 3/4 in 065-K-30 3 1/2 in 8 1/2 in Gooseneck Wrecking Bar Features: Gooseneck wrecking bar provides excellent leverage for removing nails, prying boards, and breaking objects apart. Heat treated carbon steel construction for durability. Curved ends with flattened points and split slot for removing nails. Tip Type : Chisel - Offset; Claw - Gooseneck Stock Shape : Hex SKU Stock Size Overall Length 027-1173000 1 in 48 in PULLERS & SETS Puller Sets 10 Ton Proto-Ease Wide Puller Sets Features: Required for large parts with heavy press-fits. Reaches to over 12" and spread of 11". Makes over 10 different adjustable and straight jaw pullers. SKU Includes 577-4292B Forcing Screw; Standard Detachable Tip; 2 Way Crossarm; 3 Way Crossarm; Adjustable Jawblock Assembly; Dual Reach Jaws; Cap Screw Jaw; Long Narrow Jaw; Jaw Spring Clip; Bearing Separator; Molded Plastic Case Pullers 10 Ton Proto-Ease Pullers Features: Pullers are made using alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. Spreading capacity ranges from 4" to 11". Rated capacity of 2 to 10 tons. Puller applications include gear, alternator, transmission and more. SKU No. of Arms Spreading Cap. 577-4234B 2 10 in ORSNASCO.COM

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