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309 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Wedge Point Crowbars Features: Excellent for use on clay and concrete. Heat treated carbon steel. Long handle. Stock Size : 1 in Tip Width : 1 1/4 in SKU Overall Length 027-1160200 60 in Extendable Indexing Pry Bars Features: Head locks in 14 positions. Grooved head profile provides additional traction. Head indexible through 180 for greater leverage. Stock Shape : Round Material : Alloy Steel SKU Overall Length Tip Width 329-82220 18 in - 29 in 1 in 329-82248 29 in- 48 in 1 in Grizzly Bars Features: Form-stripper. The 3 in (76 mm) width protects concrete when stripping forms. Efficient blade angle and 55-1/2 in (141 cm) total length provide high leverage as a crow bar and nail and spike puller. Blade is forged and hardened alloy with keyhole nail-pulling slot in center and V-notch in tapered edge. Very efficient nail-pulling tool even in awkward positions. Can also be used to help align walls during tilt-up construction, to roll and align large pipe, to remove shingles and flooring, and for many other stripping and prying tasks. Stock Shape : Round Tip Type : Claw - Offset SKU Overall Length 409-64306 55 1/2 in San Angelo Digging Bars Features: Designed with a diamond point chisel tip. Constructed of heat-treated carbon steel. Effective tool for digging and prying large rocks. Overall Length : 60 in Material : Heat Treated Carbon Steel SKU Stock Size Stock Shape 027-1174300 1 in Hex Scrape 'n Pry Bars Features: For professional and general use. Multi-purpose tool for pulling nails, scraping paint and opening boxes. Overall Length : 9 5/8 in Tip Type : Chisel - Offset Chisel Material : Tempered Steel SKU Stock Size Stock Shape 630-4050 1 3/4 in Flat Pinch Point Crowbars Features: Hardened, drop-forged steel construction. Heavy-duty tool for stubborn prying tasks and heavy lifting. Useful for breaking up hard surfaces. Material : Heat Treated Carbon Steel SKU Wt. Overall Length Stock Size Tip Width 027-1161300 6 lb 36 in 1 in 1 1/8 in 027-1161400 10 lb 48 in 1 in 027-1160100 18 lb 60 in 1 1/4 in 027-1162500 26 lb 66 in 1 1/2 in 1.800.678.6577

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